Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No, I Haven't Sold (or Killed) My Horse

He is still out there! I think...I haven't been able to go out and see him in 2, actually 3, weeks. Yeah, that is my horse life right now. Sucks. The only horse I get to see is my father in laws goofy palomino because I have to feed him every morning -_-.

This is him 2 (or 3) weeks ago.

This picture makes his head look gigantic

After much yelling and screaming and such, I finally extricated him from his pasture and got the FIL's stupid palomino to leave me alone so I could work with him for a few minutes. Mainly just did some lunging for respect because his mind was on everything BUT me.

I was so annoyed about the whole situation I got him going half way good and then put him back out. By the time he went back out he was acting like a gentleman and had done well, but I still felt like it was a failure because I had to fight so hard to get him out AND back into his pasture. Plus I didn't get time to do much at all. Cue the pouty face!

So I'm just kind of in a holding pattern with him right now. I keep HOPING the father in law will quit hogging the front pasture so I can see my horse once in a blue moon. I could put him back in there and feed him again but there is NO hay left and NO grass in there. No, I don't know why the FIL doesn't realize his horse is getting pretty much no forage. Or why he doesn't seem to care if he does realize this. -_-

We have been halfway looking for another house. We actually looked at one the other day that had a flipping AWESOME place for horses. At least 8 acres of just hot wire fenced pasture. Plus 1 more that the house/yard was on. A huge, HUGE, barn with 4 stalls and a tack room plus indoor area to ride. But, sadly the house was crap and the area was just so-so.

Well, thats about all right now, just wanted yall to know we were still around!