Monday, August 21, 2017

What Have We Been Up To??

LOTS. I got a little discouraged and busy to keep up the blogging lately. But thought I would go ahead and do a quick update!!

Harold and I have done two shows now! Both dressage schooling shows doing Intro A and B. We got a ton of ribbons first show, she wasn't as harsh judging. Next show we got 2nd and 5th, although they gave us a 4th place ribbon since they only pinned to 4th, lol. I'll take it!

So here is a photo dump of what we have been doing! June I only rode maybe a handful of times. July was all about legging up again and getting him back in shape.

Our lowes bucket jump in his pasture, baha

First show and we got Reserve Champ in our division!

Our ground pole class in the first show, he got 3rd!

My jumps and ground poles I packed in
my 'burban for my new jump field! See below!

My new jump/dressage field all cut

Painting some jump poles! So easy. Spray paint and tape.


Snowy! Shelby has to come ride with me every
time I go out with Harold <3 td="">

Our second show!

Guess who forgot the hay bag? Lol.

He was a pluggy plow horse that day, and I didn't
wear spurs because he had a hissy fit with them the day
before at lessons -_-

Who is this?? A almost purchase. He was a beautiful 17.3 (yeah, I know)
hand QH out of Last Detail. Buttons galore. GREAT price. But turned out to be
a roarer. :( 

LEGS FOR DAYS. Poor guy, hope he finds a good home.
So we are gearing up now for fall show season. I had my first lesson back with Harold last monday, and another today. I also got my trailer all finished! BEHOLD.

Its so neat!! I just wish I could get the green windows replaced, gag.

Ride from last week, doing some lateral work!
Love my position here, its rare!!
A lovely pic from last Monday's lesson
 So I'll try to get more consistent from here on out!! Excited to see what is in store, I love my guy and we are having so much fun.