Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Riding...

<--Daisy takin a nap, shes a wild thing...

So since our first english ride, we've had 2 more! I rode again the next day, Tuesday, and then again yesterday, Wednesday. (hey, I know my days, aren't you proud? ;) )

So! Tuesday didn't go nearly as well as the first ride. First I had to catch her, she and her bf decided it would be fun to run amok while I and the little BIL tried to catch them. But I just kept cutting her off and looking at the ground and she got tired of that pretty quick and stood still. Yeah! Sometimes her laziness really comes to my advantage.

She was fine for tacking up, although it took me longer this time, trying to make sure I had the saddle in the right place. It is so much easier for me to feel like I have a western saddle placed right. It just seems like the girth on that saddle falls too far toward her belly, so then I have to move the saddle up, but then I'm like, hm, is it too far forward?? Lol, o well, we will figure it out. I also lowered my stirrups a hole (thanks Becca!).

Anywho, I get on and walk up to our circle area (which is a circle around the BIL's deer stand, lol) and she decides, uh uh, she isn't going to go! And she proceeds to kick out, stop, swish her tail, and basically throw her version of a hissy fit. Sigh, so I smack her a couple times, kick her a lot, lol, and finally we get going. At first I thought maybe something was hurting/bothering her with the saddle, or bridle. But then I learned she only started balking when we were going away from the car area, so she was just not wanting to do anything. As usual. So after that we did some trotting, which felt like trying to get a slug to run. She was incredibly lazy, and I was tired/sore from the day before still, and it just didn't go real well. I don't have a whole lot of problem keeping her trotting while I'm sitting, but posting?? Ughh, she can quit on me a lot easier before I can do anything about it. Oh well, working on it!

So I got her to go around a few times without breaking and called it a day. I did a bit of two point back to the car, not sure if I was getting out of the saddle enough tho.

Yesterday! Went a lot better. I went out early afternoon before work, parked the car, and called Daisy. Daisy looks, goes back to eating. Sigh. I wasn't hoping for much, lol. I gathered up the bridle and trekked out to her, armed with my apple! She moved a few steps but stopped pretty quick and then I gave her a bite of the apple. Yum she says! Brought her back to the car, and saddled her up, while she took a nap (she picture at top). Rusty of course was a little pest, trying to eat my car, etc. So hopped on and we did some walking both ways, no balking or fits! Yeah! Did a little two-point, and then trotted working on my position. Which was hard because she was slow as molasses again. She broke gait a lot, but I think did better then yesterday, so thats good.

One thing I'm worried about. In the video, she looks like she is favoring her right fore, see the head bob? Its after I take my sweater off towards the end when we're trotting. Is it just me? I don't notice it until then. :( I don't know...I was wondering if anything would show up after riding her 3 days in a row...she is getting older. :( I vaguely remember thinking she felt a little off at one point, but its hard to tell out there, the ground is so not even.
Am I seeing things??

Anyway, I had a good time yesterday, it was just her and me and the WARM wonderful weather. (although sweaty helmet hair, not so cool) Daisy was pretty happy about her apple too, lol. Shes a good girl.

Here's our video! I tried my best to shorten it down! You get to see us chase Rusty off, lol, and then at the end her eating her apple and me taking her saddle off, brushing, etc. Just a ride with us!

Daisy English Again...

Have a great day everyone, the weekend is almost here!
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