Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bareback It!

(WARNING: Loonnngg post!)

<--wow do I look like a 16 year old or what?? Argh, yes I really am turning 25 in October -_-')

Had some fun with Ms Daisy Monday! I drug out my dr cooks bitless bridle that I bought years ago, last week. I had it all torn apart so it took me a few days to track all the pieces down, still had to substitute a crown piece from another bridle, but all is good! I bought it for my QH mare, Doll, who I sold before I got married, a long time ago. She didn't like bits and she did really well in it. (even took her to a dressage lesson once and the instructor there who rode her liked it) I also broke out my moms 2 year old SSH (spotted saddle horse) gelding with it. (who is now 8 and a very good sweet boy)

So! I decided to give it a try on Daisy, since she still chews and such on the bit, and I haven't been able to have her teeth checked, so I don't want to cause her discomfort if I don't have to. So I pedaled my bike over to the in laws, got my CAYOOOTT purple bareback pad, (which I've had for YEARS, since my very first horse Blackie Dan when I was like eight! yes, I put a purple pad on a gelding lol) and pedaled on out to the pasture with that on one handle bar, and my bridle hanging off the other, ahas. Also had my camera hanging off of one hip, and my cell phone off the other. I was READY! ;)

Got there and they were conveniently near the gate where I wanted to ride, so I dumped my stuff on the gate and went to fetch Daisy. Of course Rusty went over there and knocked off my pad and started pawing at it -_-. The nosiest horse I've ever seen.

The Troublemaker is seen here.

Took me a bit to get the bridle adjusted right, but Daisy just stood there dozing like a good girl. She wasn't real thrilled with how tight the noseband is supposed to be. If she wanted to open her mouth she'd turn her head sideways and be like, argh, I can't get my mouth open! But wasn't annoyed enough to really care.
That's what she's doing here:
Doesn't she look coot in her pad, haha, makes her look FAT. Which she isn't exactly in 'shape' either, lol.

Anyway, got her all suited up and then I start looking around for a place to get on. I was going to use the gate, but there was nowhere for me to set up my camera where I could see myself while riding. I found two small boards and stacked one on another and put my camera on that. Wasn't happy about it being on the ground but there was no where else to put it. So I only had 10 minutes of video left on my memory card and didn't want to waste time going over to the gate, getting on, yada yada. But also couldn't find anything to help me get on over near where I had put it on the ground. SO! I thought, lets see if I can just hop up. I see people do it on youtube ALL the time! Can't be THAT hard right?? Hah! (actually what I was really thinking is, I'm NEVER going to get up here!)

So I push record on my camera and start hopping up and down and JUMP. All I suceeded in doing was pulling the pad all the way over on her side and having her look at me wide eyed. I wasn't detered though! Tried a couple more times (after tightening the girth) and got closer to actually getting up. So I go over and stop the video and decide to practice a bit. I got to where I thought it wouldn't take too long to get up and restarted my video. And the very next time I tried I DID IT!!! YES!! It wasn't easy though, let me tell you! I got up on my belly/chest pretty far with my jump but still not far enough to get my leg up. So I grabbed her mane with my left hand and PULLED and after a few seconds I pulled myself far enough that I could get my leg over and I was UP! I was sooo proud of myself, haha. I told all my family that I saw that evening about it, haha.

The video of me getting up is really quite amusing to listen to, all my grunts and then a breathless I DID IT. And thats not the only funny part on it! After I got up I walked around maybe for a MINUTE and Rusty went over there near my camera (apparently RIGHT after I left it, because I don't remember seeing him near us while I was trying to get up) and KNOCKS IT OVER. &%*^&*%!! So you can hear me going, now what am I going to do! So then I called my younger bro in law (he's 15) and he came out and took over videoing and taking pics for me. He did a much better job then the ground, lol. He's such a sweety. He gets bored at home, they homeschool so he doesn't get out a whole lot. And he got a ride out of helping! I'll have pics and vid of him on Daisy later in the post.
So anyway! She did okay in the bitless, but she was a bit confused with how the cross over straps work. So I got a few back ups instead of turns. And whenever I would just sit there and try and flex her both ways she would just lean on it and fall asleep, that GOT ANNOYING! If I woke her up a bit she would listen better, but still not real responsive. She did respond well to stopping and backing up in it though. And did keep her head down etc, which she always does. If only her BACK end would stay down! That tail of hers, I swear, it would make any saddlebred rider VERY proud. No need for a tail setter with her!! I bet she has the strongest tail head muscles of any horse I know.

I found a magic button. Let me tell you about it. When I was neck reining her, if while I was pushing her over with my outside leg, I put my inside leg behind the girth and applied pressure she would turn like a DREAM. I don't know why that works but I used it and it served me well! lol, had to keep reminding myself, and it still suprised me each time it actually worked, lol! I have a feeling this is backward though. Aren't you supposed to use your inside leg at the girth as support and your outside leg behind the girth to control the haunches?? O me. What an idiot I sound like! But it kind of felt like I was pushing her hindquarters out so she would put them on the turn, if that makes any sense, which is why I think it worked...who knows! The pic above is me doing it. I know I'm using huge hand movements to rein her but she isn't real good at it yet for subtle movements.
Anyway did some trotting, her feet were soo long and one of her shoes was pretty loose. I about lost my balance a few times but after a bit I got the hang of it and felt pretty comfy. One video we go over through some brushy sticky stuff and she did some weird trot steps and you can see where I lost it again, lol, but that's what mane is for! That pad I have is sooo comfy, makes it much easier to be bareback. And I feel like the horse likes it better when your seat bones aren't poking them. My husband says mine are quite bony, lol.

Speaking of him, he was NOT happy to hear I went out there by myself originally. Oops. I told how much trouble I went to ransacking the house to find a cell phone holder so I could have it on me (found a really neat one he never used that fits it PERFECT, incidentally!) And all he could say is "yeah a lot of good that would have done if you had fallen on your head". Husbands.

You'll also see me about get knocked off again from that SAME stupid branch. It really needs to go. Doesn't she have a HUGE butt?? (trotting pic) I can just imagine how big it would be if she was in consistent work, man. And that's all I need, something to make MY butt look smaller. :roll eyes:
And check out THIS picture. Man, wow, egads, holy moly, etc! Does my mare really have THAT bad of a set of post legs?? eek!

And a posed picture of course! Can't do without one, or two, lol, of those. Can't you just FEEL how happy Daisy is to be in the shade standing still! ;)

So! I guess that's about all I have to say about my ride, like I haven't said enough. I get so lengthy when I start these things! And picture heavy, but I can't help myself!!! The picture up top is one of my favs of us, aren't we cute! I think Daisy looks fantastic in that one. Who could tell she is nearing 20 years old?? I'm really thinking about breeding her again next spring...but it does worry me about how old she is already. She would be 20 when she has the foal. But she looks so much younger then she is.

I think if I really get serious about it (and I'd have to have the money to get a really nice stud, probably ship semen, ugh what a headache. I don't foresee us having the money so this is probably all moot anyway). I will definitely take her to the vet and have him check her over first, ask his opinion. I think she could do it. It's just such a shame to have such a nice mare and not breed her to something even nicer. I know I already have a foal out of her, and I know I could buy one cheaper, we have enough foals in the world, etc, yada yada. And I know she has her faults, but if I picked the right one, WOW. What I'd want is a modern pleasure stallion, with good foundation lines back there still, minimal TB blood up close. Something that has been going strong in the last century that will hold out. Such as the Chip horses, Vested Pine, Invitation horses, Hotrodder, Good Bar etc. I even found a nice guy who is a son of Zippo Pine Bar. Neat.

And definitely something not as chunky as her, GREAT mover, pretty head and neck (which will just make give her foal have an even prettier head and neck, since she has nice ones already). And preferably one with a good show record. Or at least lots of winning, good looking babies.
I just told my husband my plans and he says "thats all we need, another horse" lol, phooey on him! We were just looking in our local advertising paper, looks like decent hay is 3$ on average at the moment. Not bad, could be lots worse. How bout in yalls neck of the woods? We need to get some bought now so we don't have to buy it all at once later.

WOW, write a book why don't I! And totally off topic. So sorry!! Anyway all that to say I'm basically dreaming and I highly doubt it will happen. I feel bad putting a pregnancy on her that late in life, although she is a great mama and really foals easily and non eventfully pregnancy to foaling. I couldn't believe how easy and well it all went, and I LOVED being able to be there for it. One of the neatest things ever.

So! Here are some vids, the first is the funny one of me grunting and Rusty knocking the camera over. Then two of me riding. Then one of the little BIL riding :) (although not little at all, he's taller then all his family except for his dad lol, he sure makes Daisy look short!)

Thanks for reading, have a great end of the week all!

Annoying Horse

More Barebackin It!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Flip That Horse!

A big off topic but I wanted to share this with any readers I have.

I found a few videos while surfing on youtube the other day, by a horsewoman named Aeron. She made her own reality series called "Flip That Horse". It is GREAT. She isn't a professional trainer, but her techniques and methods are really very good and she gets a great response out of her horse in a very calm and short time! I really enjoy watching them.

What she did was rescue an basically unhandled 2 year old filly, and is now halter breaking it and saddling it. After that she is giong to find it a good home. Check her out!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8OuhSo7V0o&feature=user Episode 1: This is the intro, showing how the filly can't be caught.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UISyl4FTOzo&feature=related Episode: 2 And here Aeron goes into getting her used to being handled and moving out in a round pen.

Hope yall enjoy it as much as I do! I really wish I had a round pen to work my yearling in. Would make things so much easier! My bro in laws horse could definitely benefit from it as well. Ahhh wishes wishes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuff Tuff Pics! LOTS (and other stuff)

Hey all! (all two of you probably, lol, thanks in2paints for commenting, makes me feel good :)

Anyway, I did a photo session with my favorite yearling yesterday and I have a bunch to post! I know I'm probably going overboard, but this isn't even half of what I actually took, haha. Just my faves.

SO! I got there and walked up to the fence, they were out exploring in the slightly wooded area, and I called to him and he came walking up to see me :). Daisy doesn't even look at me! haha
So he was interested for a few minutes. Posing in the sunset light for me very obligingly. (he was watching my husband coming on my bike lol) I just love his eye expressions, sucha cutie!And then decided he needed to clean up the hay he and his buddy had left. So he walked down the fence line, mowing up little pieces of hay and grass if it was over the boundary of the hot wire. Which once he shocked himself when he got too close, lol. He didn't even really seem that 'shocked' just kinda jerked his head back and then went back to eating, lol.

This is him watching Lee on the swing I think. I wanted to show just how PRETTY his neck and throatlatch have become, I'm so amazed. He needs to grow into 'dem ears tho, lol.

See how pretty his color is?? I'm just like, ahhh, wanna look at him all day, lol.

My goofy husband swinging, lol

Other side! After he got to a certain point in the fence he turned around and started going back up, lol.This is one of my favs, so pretty! Its my desktop background right now :)
Last one! Aren't we cute??

Here's a very short video of him eating, and Skip makes an appearance too!

And off topic, but here is a pretty picture I took of the sky walking out there.

And all the cows in the pasture in front of our house were up next to the house, I thought that was funny. Lee rode his bike next to the fence and scared all the calves, lol.

And last, and usually least to me (especially when hes chewed up somethinng of mine or made some kind of mess in the house) Bowser the schnauzer!

Well guess thats it, thanks for lookin!! And if anyone is lurking, please comment! Makes me feel all fuzzy inside :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still Here!

Although just not 'here' because really nothing to report! Well, I did do a bit with Tuff so decided to blog about that.

I haven't seen him in awhile because he is turned out in a HUGE pasture with his other yearling buddy, its like 10 acres. And a ways from my house, i.e. I'm to lazy to go out and find/see him! Anyway, they sprayed it for weeds so they had to be off it for a week so we have them penned up in a smaller portion that is up next to the inlaws house (which is just down the road from our house). So! He was actually out there the other day.

We drove up to just go visit on Saturday and I heard this NEIIGGHHH! LOL, and I go TUFF TUFF!!! And start joggin over there. Haha, he has his ears up staring at me then walked up to the fence to see me. HES SO COOT! I just wuv him. So I climbed through the hot wire and loved on him for a bit, picked up his feet and messed with his pretty mane. He was a good boy and just stood there and would turn his head and look at me every once and awhile like, so where you been??

I could NOT believe how WHITE he was! I wish I had had my camera. He is very light now, almost a flea bitten grey sort of color. I dont know if its just sun bleaching (do greys do that??) or if he really is progressing that fast in his greying out process. The FIL (father in law) keeps swearing he is a roan. :roll eyes: No matter how many times I tell him you HAVE to have a roan parent for the foal to be roan, or that he is just reddish because he was a chestnut foal, he STILL insists he is a roan. SIGH. I don't argue anymore, just say no hes not, and leave it, lol.

I look at his foal pictures and see how striking and pretty he was as a chestnut with four high whites, and its kinda sad! But he will still be very pretty. His mane and tail are still a dark grey and its quite striking with his whiter body. He reminds me a bit of an arabian with that coloring he has now, especially with his long mane and his neck is quite long right now, and his petite face. Lemme see if I can find an example.

Here's one!

And I bet this horse was a chesnut as a foal as well, with the reddish coloring. (Side note: That HIP! GAG!!)

Anyway, I'll try to get a pic soon! I went out to their house again sunday and I didn't bring my camera again!! Dummy! The SIL had her colt out, his buddy, and was walking around with him pretty far away, and he was unconcerned, I was glad about that. He was pretty herd bound to him when they first got put in there.

I wanted to go give him a bath this weekend but never got my lazy butt over there. He's been sprayed before but not ever had a 'real' bath. So I hope he doesn't give me too much trouble. I doubt it, especially if I do it when its pretty hot out! Which is ALL the time now. Ugh, supposed to be a heat index of 104!!! today. My poor husband. I hope he's working inside today. (he builds custom houses)

OH! I almost forgot! Lee (my husband) was out there with his bros and dad shooting off guns (they just CAN'T wait for hunting season, lol. -_- My husband has FIVE guns. I mean, can you imagine the niceness of the saddle I could buy if we sold those things! Fine, keep ONE and I could get me a nice un'!) First he was shooting his big deer rifle, that mother is LOUD! The colts were eating hay, so they would jump and look, Tuff usually took a few quick steps, and then go back to eating. He shot that one maybe 5 times? And they would do the same thing each time, but never run off. And would get over it pretty quick, I was happy! Then he got his hand guns out, not near as loud, and after about 5 shots of that they barely even looked up. So yay! I told Lee to keep shooting and he was like, what?? And I said, well I want the colts to get used to it! lol

Sunday I also worked with his feet a bit, and gave him some more wormer. Thanks to me worming him about every two months or so his pot belly is very minimal. His yearling friend though looks like he is 11 months pregnant, NO JOKE. Its disgusting. They have not been worming him as often, I think is why. I weighed Tuff and he is about 600 lbs, his buddy is about 150 lbs under him, but he has always been smaller. They are both getting a bit taller though. But still seem short for nearly being a year and a half. :shrug:

SO! Just a little update. Haven't had the urge to ride in awhile, I'm sure Daisy is fine with that, lol. I wish we had a show or something to work toward, it just seems pointless to go out and work on stuff when she will just be sitting in the pasture eating. Her shoes need to be pulled, so I don't think she is rideable anyway.