Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick Visit

Well it's been forever since I've been able to get out to see my horse. Yeah, I DO STILL have a horse, it's something I have to remind myself of! I have been looking fairly seriously for a new house with land for Harold, but nothing comes up in OUR price range. Not yet at least.

We need at least a 3 bedroom, preferably 4 (I'll tell you why later!) At least 1400 sq ft with at least 5 acres, preferably more like 10-20. We don't want to be around people. We want to feel like we live in the woods, but of course with plenty of cleared land too. My ideal place would have lots of cleared pasture land for Harold (and other horses/ponies!) But surrounded by lots of woodland for the husband to hunt in and go for hikes etc, and privacy!
We also need to be in a certain area so Chloe can stay in the same school, plus its the area my husband works and we like.

We have had a few come close, we even put an offer in on one, but the price they need for it is a LOT more then we are willing to pay. (It had 20 acres of beautiful land but the house was built in the 40's and needed a lot of work)

Anyway, I used to just take my girls out there with me to see Harold but it's become too dangerous with him out in the other pasture. The three other horses (along with Chatterbox on the other side) are too much of an x factor. I'm not going to risk them. And the times I have without the girls are VERY few and far between. Usually the weekend which is when I finally get to spend time with my husband and all of us do something together. My family comes first, that's just the way it is.

But, I think it will be better soon. It's about hay time and I will be moving him up to the top pasture with the FIL's horse and start graining him again. Then I will be able to leave Chatterbox in the pasture and work him either in the round pen or out in front of the pasture without having to worry about any other horses being stupid or getting in my way.

But! I did get to see him last weekend! Friday I went out to feed Chatterbox  after I dropped the oldest munchkin off at kindergarten and I just happened to look back and saw they were all grouped at the pasture fence way in the back of the front pasture. So we traipsed out to see them! I think they have probably picked up on his feeding schedule and stand back there hoping someone will feed them too, lol.

I didn't get any pics since I left my phone in the car, but we just stood there and petted him awhile, well, Shelby had to pet all of them SEVERAL times, lol. Rusty tried to be a pain and push everyone around but I threw a few sticks at him and he stayed away from me, at least, lol. Harold seemed happy to see us and was eager to get lots of pets.

The next day was opening day of dove season so we were out in the back pasture hoping to shoot some birds. No luck though. We did enjoy the gorgeous weather and I got a few pics of the horses when they came to visit.

This is the hierarchy of the pasture in one picture! Poor Harold is the bottom of the pile, lol,
 but Skip is pretty nice to him

Pretty boy!

Posing for me, lol
His condition was a lot better then I thought it would be. But we have been getting good rain all summer. I also think he has setttled into the herd and is not so nervous, which would make him lose weight as well.

Whenever I can cough up $300 extra bucks I'm going to get his winter hay and start feeding him the senior feed again to get him where I want him before it gets cold. Fitted out and at a good weight I bet he would be a stunner. He is FULL of halter blood after all!

So! If you read my other blog you already know my news, but if you don't here it is!

I'm pregnant again! Here we go with #3!!

Little jelly bean at 8 weeks
So I'm currently 13 weeks, about to start my 2nd trimester, the FUN one, whoo hoo! I'm feeling pretty good! I'm staying more active with this baby, and plan to still do lots of ground work with Harold. If I feel like my belly is getting in the way or I'm being strained too much, I will quit, but for at least another two or three months I should be good.

I really want to set up an obstacle course to play with him on since I won't be riding any time soon. I've been watching some Clinton Anderson shows on the course on RFDTV and it looks like so much fun, and great for building communication and respect between the handler and horse. But we need to get our fundamentals down better. I haven't even done the sending exercise with him yet, which would be essential on the course.

Anyway the course has things to jump, trot/canter over, ditches, water, platforms, etc. Some of them will be more doable then others!

Well thats about all for right now!