Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Pasture Pics and Planning

So I thought it would be fun to sit down and type out how the pasture is going and also plan out a bit (a very loose plan!) of what I want to do in my horsey life after I'm no longer prego.
I have about 2 1/2 months until my due date and then am supposed to wait 6 weeks post partum before doing strenuous activity. So that puts me right around the first of November. Unless baby girl decides to grace us with her energetic little self earlier! (She's a kicker and mover!!)

So I will have all winter to leg Harold and I up. Then hopefully be ready to hit some dressage shows in spring, maybe some jumping classes towards the middle late summer.

I'm hoping after Harold gets moved into his new pasture right by my house I can go out and start doing a bit with him now. Just walking and stretching, ground work, walking up and down the hills. Which will be good for me too, I have been pretty inactive this pregnancy right up until we started building the fence, lol. So getting some fitness in before labor day will be GOOD.

But I also worry about my comfort level in all that. I trust Harold and have never had him do anything dangerous but I don't move real fast these days and my belly is WAY out there and pretty vulnerable. I'm not sure if I will be worried all the time and not enjoy it, or get comfortable again after I start into it.

So after I get Harold going again, I think I will start back lessons with L in January. November I will need to get some fitness under him and then December is just too crazy with holidays and my middlest has her birthday also that month. I will probably do one or two private a month. I used to go every week in her oldest girls class, but I don't think I'll be able to swing that anymore with four kiddos and all. We'll see! L may have another idea also.

SO! Today MAY be the day my pasture is done! We have one run of barb wire to do on the bottom of one section, and then three to run on the short end by the house and I think its DONE. Yay!! It is going to be so awesome. I mean right now I don't even feel like I own a horse I see him so little.

I need to get him some mineral blocks, water trough, and grain buckets for him and Snowy. Other then that they are good! I just have a little anxiety about how long the grass will hold up before I will have to move them off. I really hope it does well. I plan on getting a bale of hay and keeping his slow feeder net full at all times so he will not be constantly grazing. Maybe.

Here are two pics from this morning!

I'm standing by the shop which is just beside our house. All that in the pasture is
fireworks from the brother in laws -_-

See our little gate up there to the right??
So this is the end closest to our house. I'm going to store all his grain and such in the trailer, and put his water trough and feeder up there by the gate so it will be convenient to the water faucet and trailer.

I have a feeling WE are gonna have to go out and clean up all the firework crap. Sigh. Living near in-laws can be so annoying. We had a fireworks show there last Wed, like we do every year, that my husbands two brothers put on and pay for. Well it is now almost a week later and it is STILL all over the pasture.

The heat is still unbearable after about 11 until nearly 7 when it finally starts cooling off a BIT. I feel so awful for the husband having to be out in it nearly all day. The humidity makes it even worse. I tried to go out and help him yesterday afternoon around 5 and I had to stand in the shade the whole time, lol. Being pregnant makes it worse, I'm not normally such a pansy!

So that's all for now! I will update next with pictures of my ponies in their very own pasture!!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Huge Recap/Catch Up Post!

It has been almost a YEAR since I wrote a post, good gosh! So I will attempt to do a brief recap of the whole year, ugh! That's gonna be fun!

Anyway, in whole I was so very pleased with Harold. I mean, I drug him out of the pasture being 11 years old and strictly a pasture/trail pony. And we ended up with ALL THIS in just a matter of months!

I have such a great instructor to help me along and she is always there for me when I need her and that is a huge part of our success! 

I was hoping to move us up to Intro C this past show season and also do some crossrail classes, maybe do the lowest combined training level after winter but then I went and got myself knocked up for the 4th time! LOL. So that all will have to wait until next year. I am due in September so am hoping I we can both be back in shape to do some showing by spring season. Our canter is a huge work in progress but it was getting lots better when we were able to work on it and keep him limber with massages from my bestie. 

So anyway I usually photograph everything. I'll try and recap through my photos which help me remember what went on when!

He was SO fit August through September. I was getting such good ride time in and he was really muscling up and getting stamina. L rode him a few times for me in lessons over jumps to try and get his timing etc better for me. I'm still so green at jumping myself he really needed someone to know what they were doing to progress him for me.

In September we had our third show. It went really well again! We just did Intro A and B. I think we got reserve champ again in our division. There are few adults at this particular show so it's not hard, lol. Ignore my wonky braids. His mane had grown out a bit too much by this time and I should have cut it before I braided it! 

We got to do our first clinic that fall also! Caroline Weaver is her name and she is so sweet and had a lot of new insights, or even just a new way of saying what L had already been saying, that made a lot of sense.

In October my suburban decided to break its tranny so we decided to trade it in on THAT beauty up there! Ive always wanted a truck and I flipping love it. Its an '08 four door Silverado. It pulls my trailer pretty good, although I do wish I had a 3/4 ton. One day!
So the next picture is from our last show of last year. We KILLED it with scores both in the 70's! Two blues baby!! I was so proud of us. It was the perfect way to end the season.

So after dressage season was over I started focusing more on jumping with Harold. We moved up in height a bit and he was doing really well! Jumping is NOT his favorite thing though, too much work, obviously. So I try not to do too much. The last pic was the last time we jumped that winter. It was getting dark and he made SURE he did not touch the pole, haha. I stayed on miraculously! And I was actually very early pregnant at the time, though I didn't know it yet!

So we took a pretty good break after that with holidays and cold and such. In late January we had a fun outing at a place my bestie was boarding her horse at the time. The lady that owns it does a lot of obstacle/Parelli type stuff so we had all kinds of things to play with. Harold did all of it with barely any hesitation. We even did a horse see saw twice! We played in the indoor first and I did my best position jumping yet, I think! Then I got pregnant and stopped jumping, lol.

In spring I did two shows, one this March and one in April. After that it was getting too hot and I was getting too BIG. I already had bought 30 inch used breeches (I wear 28) and had to leave them unbuttoned AND unzipped with a belly band, lol. So both shows went okay. The spring had been SO WET we had not been able to have but one lesson the entire time. It showed too, ugh. We got many comments about impulsion and forwardness etc. So my main goal was to move him out and forward our last show. I still didn't get the score I wanted but it was better.

So! Since then Harold has been a pasture pony again, lol. I haven't even been out to see him hardly at all. With three kids, a house and husband to take care of PLUS this pregnancy has kicked my butt, it has been really hard.

BUT! I'm super excited to say that he will be moving to pretty much right outside my door soon! We are FINALLY about to get the 'arena' pasture fenced in. It has a little less then half the wire up, and almost all the posts. We got some more corner posts this weekend and a few gates so hopefully another week or two and he will be out there! The husband builds houses all day out in the 90 degree weather so I usually don't make him go out and work on it when he gets home, lol. This summer has been brutal so far. Super high humidity and 90+ temps every day makes for a miserable existence outdoors. Even at 7 or 8 at night! Thanks, Alabama.

Anyway, it will be so much easier to get to him and I will be able monitor everything about him. He won't have anyone else stealing his food or biting him etc. Snowy is too small to push him around, lol. And I won't have to deal with the in laws untrained idiotic horses. Can't wait! 

I sold my white trailer we fixed up this spring and bought this baby! Sold my other for $2500 and paid $1300 for this one. PRETTY good deal, if I do say so! It's still not any where near NEW but definitely a decade or so newer, lol. It's a Cherokee brand and really neat! It has a decent sized tack room that I can change in, and a ramp and really roomy horse area. Much wider and taller then my previous. It is also definitely a fixer upper, but nothing too major! Needs a paint job, new springs on the ramp (that thing is freakin heavy!) and some new hub covers and new light covers. It is just chilling behind the shop for now since this mama ain't hauling anywhere anytime soon!

Snowy has been doing good too! The girls adore her, well, my oldest will pet her and that is about it. I'm pretty sure I ruined any chance of horse love with her when she fell off her trotting last year, lol. She was never my horse girl anyway, but that definitely put the last nail in the coffin!! My youngest, the last picture, looks to be headed to horse girl land with us, whoo hoo! Sorry, daddy :D. Shelby loves to ride her, brush her, tack her up, anything. And she is so good for her.

Well I leave you with a belly shot and a Harold grazing in his soon to be pasture. Hopefully update more soon! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

What Have We Been Up To??

LOTS. I got a little discouraged and busy to keep up the blogging lately. But thought I would go ahead and do a quick update!!

Harold and I have done two shows now! Both dressage schooling shows doing Intro A and B. We got a ton of ribbons first show, she wasn't as harsh judging. Next show we got 2nd and 5th, although they gave us a 4th place ribbon since they only pinned to 4th, lol. I'll take it!

So here is a photo dump of what we have been doing! June I only rode maybe a handful of times. July was all about legging up again and getting him back in shape.

Our lowes bucket jump in his pasture, baha

First show and we got Reserve Champ in our division!

Our ground pole class in the first show, he got 3rd!

My jumps and ground poles I packed in
my 'burban for my new jump field! See below!

My new jump/dressage field all cut

Painting some jump poles! So easy. Spray paint and tape.


Snowy! Shelby has to come ride with me every
time I go out with Harold <3 td="">

Our second show!

Guess who forgot the hay bag? Lol.

He was a pluggy plow horse that day, and I didn't
wear spurs because he had a hissy fit with them the day
before at lessons -_-

Who is this?? A almost purchase. He was a beautiful 17.3 (yeah, I know)
hand QH out of Last Detail. Buttons galore. GREAT price. But turned out to be
a roarer. :( 

LEGS FOR DAYS. Poor guy, hope he finds a good home.
So we are gearing up now for fall show season. I had my first lesson back with Harold last monday, and another today. I also got my trailer all finished! BEHOLD.

Its so neat!! I just wish I could get the green windows replaced, gag.

Ride from last week, doing some lateral work!
Love my position here, its rare!!
A lovely pic from last Monday's lesson
 So I'll try to get more consistent from here on out!! Excited to see what is in store, I love my guy and we are having so much fun.