About Me

Well I'm not sure why anyone would really be interested in me, but I do like to read about the people behind blogs that I read myself, so I though I'd add a page here for those who might be curious.

I was born in Arizona and lived most of my younger life there. We moved to Alabama when I was an early teenager and that is where I found the two most important things in my life. Jesus and my wonderful husband. We are very active in our local church and our small group.

As far as my horse life, I've had a horse since I was about 8. With very short stints between each horse. When I got engaged I decided to sell my current horse for the money, and we also were going to be renting and had no room for a horse. But it wasnt a few months after we got married that I decided to get another horse! Thankfully the in laws had room at that time in their pasture for Daisy. She was too good of a deal to pass up! And besides, horses run in my blood. If I don't have one I am wanting one. I know many of you know exactly what I mean!!

Anyway, in my college days I also rode on my community colleges IHSA team (intercollegiate horse show association) and took horsemanship and riding classes for both english and western there. SO. MUCH. FUN. Even though I was there on a music scholarship, I have to say what I did with the horses is about all that I can remember, lol! I was in the advanced walk trot canter in english, and whatever the equivalent is for western. I had a lot of fun, but never did better then sixth place in english (I am NOT a 'pretty' rider, which is what IHSA is, equitation) though I did get a 3rd in western at Judson College. I drew a GREAT horse and we did our little pattern after the equitation part very well. So fun!

I've been married 10 years this last June to the man of my dreams, seriously, they don't make them like him anymore! We had our first little girl August of 2010 and our second December 2013. Third little girl came this March! We are living the american dream. God has so richly blessed us despite our many faults and failings.

That's about it!