Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Face

Okay, sorry I have been so lacking in posts lately! No excuses! Okay, one, or maybe two. One; its been RAINING NON STOP. Finally the last week or two it has cleared up. So anyway, muddy, icky, slippery round pen = not good for horsies.

Also, another reason would be this face:

Ohmygosh, have you seen anything cuter?? Well, you probably have, but she is pretty darn cute, I do have to say! Her name is Missie and she is MINE! :D So now we have 2 mini schnauzers and someday will get some puppies out of those two, hopefully! But right now I'm just having so much fun having a dog of my own. Thats never happened before. I've had cats, horses of course, hamsters, fish...never a dog of my own. I am loving it. But she is also a 24/7 job! Gosh. Out of your sight for a second and something has been peed on or pooed on or chewed up. Phew. But I am loving it. Like I already said of course...

I took her out to see a horse for the first time today, she was a bit overwhelmed, although Tuff was trying to eat her...sorta. ;)

Anywho, maybe I will get some horsin around done this weekend. I hope so!

On another note, Daisy fell into a sink hole in her pasture. Yeah. No joke. I guess that big butt of hers was a detrement this time. The ground just couldn't hold that glorious thing up. Lol, just kidding, well sorta. Mostly its because it has RAINED SO MUCH. She is fine, was just a bit muddy. None of us really know how she got out by herself. It was so slippery and deep. Which it did take her a while I think since there were two piles of poo down there, poor girl! Lol, sorry its not funny, but it is!

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone else! Everyone say a prayer for Beccas girl Lilly, shes got a tendon injury (more specifically a DDFT Lesion, yeah, what she said) Here's hoping it will be healed completely soon and have them out there kicking butt at the shows again!

Ta ta!
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