Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I finally got myself out to visit Tuff yesterday! And I ALMOST didn't recognize him! He is a HAIR BALL! I seriously had to do a double take and think this IS my horse, right?? Look at that face!! His ears are so cute/funny looking. They are so fuzzy that they kind of disappear into his head. I had to let his halter down a hole JUST because of his fuzziness, lol. He's also darker then when I saw him last.

So, I've been sort of worried since it's gotten quite cold lately (20-30's) that he might not be warm enough, etc. I DON'T WORRY ANYMORE! ;) I'm glad he grows a good coat. His buddy Skip is just as fuzzy. And they are such good friends I'm sure if they did get a little chilly they would huddle together.

Anywho, I didn't really do anything but visit with him and check him over. Also gave him some wormer and checked his height. He is about 13.1. !!! He is nearing 2 years old and still not even close to 14 hands! Argh. Oh well, he does have about 5 months to do some shooting up, hehe. I do think I won't be riding him until next fall though. I might sit on him a few times, but that will probably be it. And even in the fall just easy walking mostly. Theres really no rush, of course. Need a round pen!! Anyone want to give me one for Christmas?? PUHLEASE??? :batting eyes:

So he was very sweet and seemed happy to follow me all about the pasture, lol. I'm sure they are quite bored, we've shut them off from the main pasture to save it for spring. They still have a good bit to roam, but not able to graze like they used to. We keep hay out there a lot though. But, then I got an idea. I've seen lots of videos and heard stories about horses that loved playing with big balls. So I jumped on the little bro in laws 4wheeler and fetched my exercise ball that NEVER gets used (do any of them??). I was all ready with my camera expecting them to all be running about like loons.

WELL! Far from the case. They were quite boring really. Sugar pushed it around a bit, as did Tuff, but they really weren't that interested in it. Takes care of that idea! Maybe they will warm up to it though, lol. Tuff was a little spooked by it whenever someone (or some horse) would push it at him, haha. Here's a short vid:

Tuff and the Exercise Ball!!

Anywho, it was fun to just visit and watch them. We gave them some hay and they settled down very happily with that. Here's a few pics for your enjoyment, hope everyone is doing well!!