Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Riding Mr. Cisco?

I seem to have strange epiphany's while I am just on this side of sleep. I come up with the greatest ideas, think of all kinds of important things, and come to great conclusions at this time. I'm not the only one, right??

Anyway last night as I was laying in bed waiting to fall off to sleep I started thinking about horses. And my mind came back to a conversation I had with my mom a while ago. Something along the lines of "don't you want Cisco?? And you can give me Daisy!" I strongly protested to this idea, and it came up several times, all with my same reaction.

But last night it strangely started to make sense! And I kind of got excited! I need to flesh this out and think about it some more so I thought I would put down some pros and cons and would LOVE any and all opinions from anyone who reads this blog.

First lets do a 411 on Cisco for those who don't read my blog much.

Name: Dixies Cisco Kidd
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse (out of a SSH sire and dam but solid, so not registerable)
Age: 12
Height: 16.2-3
Weight: ??
Discipline: Trail Riding

Trading Cisco for Daisy:

1. He's younger
2. Gorgeous!! Tall and palomino with a beautiful tail
3. I've basically done all the training on him from when we got him at 4 months and up
4. No soundness issues
5. VERY easy keeper, with great hooves, in great health, grows a very strong winter coat
6. Been taken very good care of his whole life by my mom
7. He's a sweet boy, big baby, LOVES attention (unlike Daisy who would rather be left alone!)
8. No bucking! (I love that about most gaited horses, haha)
9. Smooth riding
10. He would be free!
11. Daisy gets to go to my mom who has a barn and babies her animals
12. My mom gets a smaller horse she can ride

1. HE'S NOT A QUARTER HORSE - big main one
2. Pretty much has no formal training aside from 30 days at a trainers; woahs, gos and turns, thats it
3. TALL and CLUMSY, he has dinner plate size feeet and gets them tangled a bit
4. Not socialized much, he has been off farm and away from his mama only 3 times in his life. But the last time he was he did great. My teenage niece who is a very green rider took him to a horse camp for a week and he was such a good boy!
5. 'Hotter' then Daisy
6. All his tack has to be BIGGER. Although I'm sure mom would send his tack with him. It's just not that great of quality. I know, I'm a snob!
7. Never taught to carry a bit
8. If I wanted to sell him my mom would not be pleased
9. I have to trade Daisy :(
10. He is used to having a barn his whole life, all we have is trees!
11. He will be out with at least 2 other horses he doesn't know, not his mommy. At the trainers he went to for 30 days he got picked on pretty bad, so not sure how he would do. He would probably be ok with the geldings, but if I trade Daisy then Stormy will be alone...maybe she won't be mean to him??

So! Give me your thoughts! I have pretty much decided already, but would love to hear anything else. If I decide to get him it will definitely be after Christmas!

And to finish, some OLD pictures of Cisco boy! :)

About 6 months old!

Little guy at 10 months! 

Cisco and his mama! He is little over a year here. Dix looks so good!

Theres my QH mare I grew up with peeking out! He was such a lanky yearling!

First ride at 2 years!

And this is my niece at the horse camp with him, such a handsome boy!

So! I will let yall know how it all develops! Oh, BTW, that pleasure horse my FIL was looking at? Found out why he is so cheap. LAME. He has a shoulder injury. UGH, more deception! Dontcha think that would be nice to disclose in your for sale ad?? -_-

Till later!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh, The Deception!

Well now that I am on my computer I can give you a better picture of the gelding we went to see Saturday. Here he is:

Looks nice right?? He sure does in THIS picture. I didn't get a picture of him when we went to see him but this is an example picture of the kind of condition he was in when we drove up:

Of course this is obviously an older horse, but the prominent backbone and croup are all very similar to this gelding above, although I think his ribs were standing out MORE then this horses. Definitely around a 2 on the body conditioning scale. Their excuse? "He's a big horse, he takes a lot of feed!" and "He was like that when we got him" Sigh.

SAD. I knew when we drove up to a ranshackle barn and a rundown dressage arena with BARREL RACING barrels in it that was a bad sign. Not to mention the 2 horses walking around loose with lead ropes dangling. Near a road. Yeah. -_-

So I saw him in the pasture when we drove up and I thought oh no, I really hope that's not him. I looked closer at his markings and I knew it, I knew it was him. He has the same markings as Daisy so it wasn't hard to remember. My mother in law went OH NO, I hope not! I was like, well, maybe not, but I have a strong suspicion!

The lady that ran this 'lesson barn' was sick so she had her teenage students tacking up and talking to us. We walked out to the pasture to catch him and he wasn't happy about that, trotted around a bit before we got him. Then as the little girl was haltering him I asked her some about him, namely about him being out of Impressive blood and if he had been tested. She says, I don't know, but I do know he is a roarer. WHAT?! Your kidding right?? NO MENTION of this in his ad of course. That right there was kind of a deal breaker. But we had drove over an hour to get there and decided to try him out anyway.

So we get to the barn and they can't find any tack to fit him (most of their horses were under 15 hands and he is 16.2). She also can't find a saddle that my father in law can fit in. They finally find reins that are long enough and the girl takes him to the little dressage arena and puts him through his paces both ways. Oh wait, I forgot the part where she said he throws his head a bit so lets try him in a tie down. YEAH. So she puts one of those on him and my father in law are just looking at each other like, man what a waste of time.

Anyway he does fairly decent. Takes his leads well, etc. I notice she is posting his trot, but don't think much about it until later. And then we hear it about the second time around at the lope, HUFF HUFF HUFF with each stride. Yep, definitely a roarer.

She hops off and I tell her I don't want to ride him in the tie down and take it off so I can see how he does, then climb up on the behemoth. I flex him both ways, he does that fairly well. I make him woah a couple times and flex again. He pulls HARD on the bit a few times, can definitely tell he has had beginners yanking on him. Then I trot him. OH MY WORD. Now I know why she was posting his trot. I could. not. keep. my. hiney. in. the. saddle. Awful! And his lope wasn't much better. So I did lope him pretty good both directions and you could hear his roar even worse, poor guy. So! That was the end of that.

We were all pretty disappointed  so I got on my phone again to see if there was anything else down there worth looking at. Found a stable about 25 minutes east of us who had two geldings that sounded promising. But they didn't pan out either. At least they were saddled when we drove up! The father in law jumped on a sorrel and I took the palomino paint. Neither looked like much. They were about 15.1ish, but pretty lanky. Just 'horses', you know? They minded well though and were a nice ride. Definitely smoother then old Red Man. But still not what he was looking for!

As we were driving home I happened to get an email from a guy who had a pleasure gelding that the FIL relaly like, but had said he thought someone was coming to get him. He said in his email he still had him and to give him a call. Whoo hoo! We were pretty excited about that, so maybe he will work out. We'll see!

I used to think horse shopping was fun, but LAWD, I'm having second thoughts.

Got another post in the works! Might get it out today!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Update!

Yes, I'm still alive and well! Not much horsey things going on since the beginning of the year. I've pretty much retired Daisy girl. She is nearly 23 now and really would rather not have to do anything but eat!

Chloe and I went out and visited her this afternoon. She is looking good going into winter. I'll have to make sure I blanket her on the cold wet/snowy nights though, she isn't as hearty as she was. I wish she would grow more of a winter coat!

She of course didn't make it easy on me and be available up at the gate. No, I had to walk through 3 pastures to get her fuzzy butt! And of course I carried my 2 year old daughter through nearly all of them to and back because she was "huffing tired" lol! She is so funny.

I had a pocket full of corn so gave her some after I caught her, hopefully she will remember that!
So we finally made it to the house and got her brushed. I also got her nasty mane snarl all smooth and fixed, though it seemed like I pulled out half her mane in the process! Doesn't look like it though. I guess its like me when I take a shower I feel like I lose a half a head of hair down the drain sometimes!

I found Chloe a low bucket to stand on and she was a great helper. Then she found the cowboy magik and had to spray that all over Daisy (and my leg -_-). She even got Daisys nose which I'm sure she appreciated, lol.

I had so much fun sharing with her the parts of Daisy's body, what a hoof pick is for, don't walk behind a horse, etc. She loved feeding Daisy the rest of the little corn I had gotten. Daisy was so careful not to use her teeth too.
After that her papa came up and gave me a leg up and then lifted Chloe up. He gave us a little pony ride in the yard, fun fun! Chloe wasn't real sure about being so high, but with time I think she will be fine! Or maybe she just needs a pony! ;)

After Chloe decided she was done I tooled around on Daisy a bit longer. I was thrilled she still remembers her lateral flexing! She was such a good girl. I haven't rode her since March probaby.

And in other exciting news! The father in law has been on the hunt for a horse for a while. He's only found one worth looking at and didn't like him enough to buy. But! I found him a gelding about an hour from us we will probably check out tomorrow. I'm so excited, love horse shopping! He is a big scutter at 16.2, chestnut reg QH out of a great grandson of Obvious Conclusion. Does english, western, jumping (woot!) and trails. 11 years old. Pretty guy! I'm on my phone or I'd put his ad link up for you.

 I can't really put photos where I want them on my phone so the first two are obviously the horse for sale, Red Man. And Daisy and Chloe and I the next! (And a bonus cute one of Chloe in her 'stang from today , lol.

I will keep yall updated on the test ride!