Meet The Horses

If you came here wanting to find out more about the horses I write my blog about, you have come to the right place!


Harold is my main man. He is a 11 year old registered American Quarter Horse. (CHR Sam I Am).
He is a sweet personable boy with a very quiet, laid back personality. We do a little bit of western and recently have forayed into english! I hope to be able to to low level dressage and some jumping with him. 


Huffs Scarlet Rose (RIP)
aka Daisy. She was my old AQH mare I had. She was just a laid back girl who I was so glad I found. I just wish we had been able to have more time together! She passed away summer of '14. Love you and miss you Daisy girl! 


Tuff doesn't have a registered name because he isn't, sadly. He was a bit of a stowaway! When I bought Daisy he was in her belly unbeknownst to us!(the sire was a QH, but they never registered him -_-) He was born April '07. He's an unusual grey sabino (he has a cute belly spot!) with a blaze and four white stockings. His sire was grey, hence why he greyed out.

Note: Tuff no longer belongs to me, but you may hear about him from time to time, so I will leave his bio up here!

Rusty is my brother in laws registered bay QH. He is 10 now. He was bought as an unbroke 3 year old. The bro in law put a few rides on him at the place of his purchase and brought him home. He did well for a few months but needs consistent riding.


Skip is my sister in laws 7 year old palomino. He is out of a reg sire, unreg. dam. He seems to be a good sort, though he doesn't know much. He dosn't get messed with much. 


Stormy is a 8 year old reg. grey QH mare, belonging to my younger brother in law. She was bought this year at auction, and has some really nice lines. She is supposed to be my BIL's riding horse, and is a perfect, quiet partner for him.


This is my moms old SSH mare. (spotted saddle horse) she is in her late 20's somewhere. She is who I usually ride when I ride with my mom at her house. I like her, she is fast and kind of difficult to guide, but I understand her and don't mind it. She is usually a fun ride. (to me, and no one else for some reason!) 



He is a 16 year old SSH out of Dixie (above). He looks pretty much nothing like his momma except for some facial expressions. He is a good hand and some taller then her, not spotted, and palomino. He is HUGE. But is a big old baby. I had the pleasure of training him and being his first rider many moons ago!


Golden Chatterbox is his registered name. He is my father in laws new mount. He is a 12 year old triple registered quarter horse gelding. (AQHA, PHBA, ARHA) He has 22 halter points, 17 HUS, 2 color, 3 western pleasure and 9 road hack points with the palomino horse association. Which is kind of funny because all the father in law is likely to do is trail ride him!