Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bitless Bridle Plug

Daisy in her beta bitless bridle

So I stumbled across an article on a horse news website talking about an experiment with Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle. Which most of you know is what I ride Daisy in when we go english. I really like the bridle, although I won't call it a miracle and have a spaz over it like some of the users do. Its a good tool, my horses have liked it, there you have it. It is still not legal in a lot of recognized show organizations. Though hopefully that will change someday.

A little background on the bridle first. I have used the bitless on 5 horses so far:

Cisco - I actually broke him out in this bridle. He never had a problem with it and did well in it. Although we have never tried him in a bit. He has been rode in a Noavel and a bosal also. I can't really say which he did better in at this point, it was so long ago. Right now he is rode in the Noavel. Can't say that contraption is my favorite, but it works for him okay.

Doll - My QH mare I owned as a teenager. She did really well in this. She was very unsettled and annoyed in a bit. I tried tons of them. She just never was happy with any of them. In the bitless I could get her to flex and stop her constant chewing.

Dixie - Out of all the bits and bosals and headstalls Dixie does best in the bitless bridle. She is very nervous and jittery under saddle, but not dangerous. In various bits she has thrown her head a lot, acted VERY annoyed, etc. She responds well to the bitless and it helps me to know I can get up in the reins and not be afraid of hurting her, since she is so sensitive.

Daisy - Of course you know I like the bitless for Daisy. She is another like my QH mare, chewy, unsettled. She doesn't misbehave, but also you can tell she is not comfy with a bit. With the bitless there is of course no chewing, she responds quietly and without annoyance (most of the time, sometimes you can tell she doesn't care for the noseband pressure).

Tuff - I haven't had anything but the bitless on him, besides a halter of course. And he does well in it. I have ground driven him a few times and he still is learning the woah, but turns quite well in the bitless. Overall I like his response with it.

So! I watched the entire thing, and I think it is pretty consistent that the bitless did make most of the horses happier. (the appaloosa obviously has other issues going on, and did the worst I think)

I do want to say I'm a little disappointed in the partiality. You can clearly see the judge (Mitzi Summers) was a bit more optimistic about the horses performance without the bit then she should have been. Not quite as objective as she could have been I think. But what can you say, lol.

The first horse was my favorite. CLEARLY he was much happier in the bitless! (super cute also)

Intro with Dr. Cook

Horse #1, Bitted

Horse #1, Bitless

Horse #2 Bitted & Bitless

Horse #3 Bitted

Horse #3 Bitless

Horse #4 Bitted & Bitless

Final Results & Questions Part 1

Final Results & Questions Part 2

So let me know what yall think! Hope all is well with everyone. Until later!

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