Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuff Goodbyes


Hi everyone! Sorry its been such a looong spell without a post! Terrible of me! But there really hasn't been anything to report! Thanks to this child of mine and the weather horse happenings have been ZILCH.

I did get to tool around on my girlie a few weeks ago for awhile in the round pen. That was fun. The horse trimmer had been out that day and she was in there chilling while the other horses were getting done when I got home from work. So I took my little self over there and thought YES, prime time for a little ride! So I pushed her up to the side of the pen and started to climb up on the bars. And she promptly decided to swing her hiney out. -_- So again I pushed her over, same result. By the third time of this I decided I had better come up with a different game plan, lol. So I thought, maybe if I try to get on the RIGHT side, she will be tricked and stand still! HAH, I am so smart. She stood stock still and I climbed right up. Sucess!

It felt awesome to be back on a horse. Gosh its been a long time. Not counting riding Tuff a few months ago. So we walked around a bit, I had to flip the lead rope over her nose a few times to guide her, but she did pretty well sticking to the rail. Then we did some trotting which was fun! Although my balance of course wasn't as good as I'd like!

Anyway, it was BLAZING hot so I didn't ride long. After that I walked her out of the round pen and back to her pasture. Thankfully the husband came home just about the time I was walking down the driveway and he followed me out to her pasture and drove me back. It is a TREK out there the long way. The short way isn't as bad but you have to go through the other 4 horses. NOT FUN. And grandma walks about .1 miles per hour. She is SO gimpy on gravel. It was really amusing. She would walk as far off the road as she could just to get away from it. And if there was a hill or some reason she had to get back on the gravel she would mosey her self on over to the other side and walk there.

So on to the post title. I may have found Tuff a home! And it will be permanent I have a good feeling. I think he will most likely be a permanent pasture puff! LOL. Which is perfect. He is happy doing that. Although he would make someone a good little trail horse with some training as well. They may ride him a bit, not sure. Anyway its my neighbors! They are the ones that let us use their pasture for Daisy to have Tuff in (the one with the little red barn) and we used it off and on until the man got him a horse a few years ago. They are just down our driveway. Really nice people.

Ever since Tuff was born the mans wife  has wanted Tuff, lol! Anyway, the other day I heard some of my husbands family saying that she still wanted him. I thought, what?? Why?? He is small and really has no riding training. But they seem to think she just loves that he was born in their pasture, lol. The man also likes him and has a little horse experience. Tuff is pretty easy going, so I don't think they would have a lot of trouble with him if they did decide to try and 'train' on him a bit. Immediately my mind starts turning. This could be a really great place for him. He'd get cared for very well, have a buddy, and a run in shed. They have a nice two horse trailer. And he is going to fence in an additional pasture, so he'd have plenty of grass. They are a middle aged couple with no kids, so you know what that means. More money and they make their pets their 'kids'!

And I could see him anytime I wanted, and probably work with him as well. It is a little disappointing that I put all that time, work, training into him, and then send him off to someone else, lol. But it wasn't in vain. A horse goes so much farther in the world with good training under him. And lets face it, I have NO time for horse things at this point in my life. My other priorities have to come first.

So I haven't talked to them yet, I don't even know how much to sell him for. I'm afraid of going to high. I might just let them name me a price. We will see! The husband is loving the thought of someone else paying for his care and feed, though! ;)

I will keep yall updated! Hope everyone is well! Take care!

ps, couldn't leave without a picture of my girl! Chloe is nearly a year old! Where has the time gone?! 

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