Friday, February 4, 2011

Lunging Tuff

Hey all! Hope everyone is doing well, we are good!

I got out and was able to work with mr Tuff the other day! The original plan was to lunge him then ground drive him with the surcingle and halter. Welll, seeing as I had to take little girl out with me I only got the lunging part in. But thats way better then nothing! And I had a lot of fun. It was SO good to work with a horse again!

So I planned going out about the time my girl goes down for her nap, I was counting on the stroller walk out there to put her to sleep. And it worked GREAT. By the time I got out to the pasture and had gotten Tuff tied up to the rail she was just about out, and it wasn't long till she was. Whoo hoo!

So I got him all cleaned up, even brushed out his tail etc, he seemed to enjoy it! He was easy to catch as well (which is nothing unusual he is the first to come up and see you out of all 4 of them). Then I called the BIL out to push little girl over to the round pen for me while I lead Tuff. I wasn't sure if Tuff would be keen on the stroller. But really all he did was sniff towards it and that was about it! None of the horses seemed real concerned when I walked up to the pasture with it, surprisingly!

We got out to the round pen and I sent him on out. We did a lot of walk, trot, walk, halt, etc. Then a few inside turns. Which he remembered pretty good, but still bad to the one side. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I can't ever get him to make a very sharp one, I always have to get out of his way :/. Anyway, by this time the BIL had decided it was a good idea to feed all the OTHER horses and then Chloe decided she had had enough and started screaming. So I got a few canters in to the left, which he did AWESOME with, then we did the right which was a little harder to get him in to (his weak side) and he picked up the wrong lead originally but did a flying change and did well after that.

Here is a few clips from it. Chloe is also in it at the end! You can see her after I rescued her from her stroller, lol. She gets to sit on her first horsey too! Which is Tuffs first rider sitting up, haha. You can see him go, who are you? And then keep eating. :) Then later for her first time sitting on the grass! (If you go to the actual youtube page you can watch it in HD. This was shot with my new camera! Looks SO much better!)

So not much else going on lately! The weather has been pretty junky last week or so and haven't gotten out. Today its finally back in the 50s! Although apparently we are getting another winter storm this coming week. OH YEAH! -_- Please hurry spring!

Until later!
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