Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuff Tuff Pics! LOTS (and other stuff)

Hey all! (all two of you probably, lol, thanks in2paints for commenting, makes me feel good :)

Anyway, I did a photo session with my favorite yearling yesterday and I have a bunch to post! I know I'm probably going overboard, but this isn't even half of what I actually took, haha. Just my faves.

SO! I got there and walked up to the fence, they were out exploring in the slightly wooded area, and I called to him and he came walking up to see me :). Daisy doesn't even look at me! haha
So he was interested for a few minutes. Posing in the sunset light for me very obligingly. (he was watching my husband coming on my bike lol) I just love his eye expressions, sucha cutie!And then decided he needed to clean up the hay he and his buddy had left. So he walked down the fence line, mowing up little pieces of hay and grass if it was over the boundary of the hot wire. Which once he shocked himself when he got too close, lol. He didn't even really seem that 'shocked' just kinda jerked his head back and then went back to eating, lol.

This is him watching Lee on the swing I think. I wanted to show just how PRETTY his neck and throatlatch have become, I'm so amazed. He needs to grow into 'dem ears tho, lol.

See how pretty his color is?? I'm just like, ahhh, wanna look at him all day, lol.

My goofy husband swinging, lol

Other side! After he got to a certain point in the fence he turned around and started going back up, lol.This is one of my favs, so pretty! Its my desktop background right now :)
Last one! Aren't we cute??

Here's a very short video of him eating, and Skip makes an appearance too!

And off topic, but here is a pretty picture I took of the sky walking out there.

And all the cows in the pasture in front of our house were up next to the house, I thought that was funny. Lee rode his bike next to the fence and scared all the calves, lol.

And last, and usually least to me (especially when hes chewed up somethinng of mine or made some kind of mess in the house) Bowser the schnauzer!

Well guess thats it, thanks for lookin!! And if anyone is lurking, please comment! Makes me feel all fuzzy inside :)

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