Monday, May 8, 2017

Horse Show Pony!!

We had a BLAST. Our first show was supposed to be 2 weeks ago but the rain made the arena a mess. So the next show at the same place was yesterday.

Here our the results!

Cavalleti Class - 3rd
Intro A - 1st!
Intro B - 1st!
Reserve Champion in Open! :)

Okay so remember there was very few adult riders in the open but my 66.5% for B put me in 2nd overall! How cool is that.

The best part was how chill and awesome Harold was. He just ate his hay or napped at the trailer. Never a worry. He was a bit of a pain in warm up pulling towards the other horses and the barn on circles but other then that he gave me some great tests.

I had a complete brain fart moment in A and forgot where to so my diagonal movements. I was SO angry when I came out at myself!!

But L called my 2nd test and it had some nice spots in it. The judge even said so in her notes. Yay!

The hubby and girls came and it was such a fun day. So did A and her fiancee and we went out and ate afterwards.

On with the media!

So I have some videos I'll try and get up after I get them from the hubby. Till next time!!

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