Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Possible Place To Ride!

So I started thinking about my main obstacle the other day, really HARD. And I decided this is something I really want to do (be able to actually work on our riding in an area at least big enought to trot a circle) and I just knew there had to be a way to it! So I started asking my BIL if there was ANY flat area at all in the pasture where Daisy and Rusty are. (He's traipsed all around in there) and he said there is by the old house that was torn down, but it was messy. Well I thought, maybe I can clean it up.

So yesterday afternoon the dog and I (Bowser the Schnauzer) drove out there and braved the thigh high weeds/grass. At first I thought I was going to have to drive back around to the area I usually ride in, because they had the chicken wire type fence with a barb wire across the top, not climbable, and not uh...scootunderable, lol. (this is a big pasture, I wasn't wanting to walk around in my flip flops a whole lot! I know, stupid choice of footwear, but I didn't plan on being out there long, and I wasn't feeling too good, so I was lazy and put those on)

But! I finally had the bright idea that I could climb the gate where I was parked, and Bowser scooted under it lol. Anyway I start looking around and found the area they were talking to by the torn down house, but then walked on over a bit more through a small strand of little trees and found IT! A really great looking place to ride. It has mostly small grass, pretty level, and large enough to get a small trot circle in. And it also has natural barriers to use as arena 'walls'; the strand of trees I was talking about and then another bush/tree strand behind that as my back wall, and so I only have one other side to worry about (the other long side) because the other end is the fence/road. YEAH! There are some baby pine trees or something, could be bushy weeds, on the open long side that need to be dealt with. That would give me some more room, but other then that, looks like it has lots of potential! It is a bit of a trek from where I usually park and tack up (and where the horses usually are over by the other gate) but I guess I can just mount up and ride over there.

Potential Problems:

1. Rusty. Ugh, he's such a pest and Daisy gets so pissy/hussy-like at certain times with him, or maybe all the time, never know when she's out of heat, seriously. And I don't know how that would work if she acted up while I was aboard. Rather not find out! I would just tie the sucker up, but he pulls back. -_-

Solution?: What I've thought of so far is maybe saddle her up outside the arena, then lead her in, chase him off with the reins/lead rope, scare him a bit, and then maybe he will leave us alone and I can mount up and ride to the 'arena'.

2. We were only supposed to use that pasture for 4 months. (the old woman that lent it to us said we could use it free if we fixed the fences ourselves.) Which is almost up. -_- It just figures that I finally get my brain working when its about too late. I mean, this has been a major prob ever since I got her, and I just NOW come up with a solution? Idiot! I just had in my mind that that whole pasture was a hilly mess (a lot of it is).

Solution?: Well we could ask for an extension. She doesn't use it anyway, don't see why she would mind, she seems to be very nice.

3. Getting it cleaned up. It does need some mowing, bush hogging possibly even. My husband mows the church lawn so we get to use the nice thousands of dollars zero turn lawn mower. But dunno if he will let me use it to mow down knee high grass/weeds, lol. And I'd have to get in there and whack those trees or whatever they are.

Solution?: Hubby does have a machete thing I could get the trees with, and I could use our weed whacker to get the grass thats tall. Or I could convince him to let me use the lawn mower haha. Or maybe say HE should do it so I don't mess it up... :)

4. Marking the arena. What could I use for that?? Anyone have any ideas? Any type of fencing is of course out of the question being as its not ours, etc.

Solution?: I was thinking of maybe some cones, I only have three, but could get some more... I've heard of milk jugs being used but don't have any of those, I throw them away, lol. Don't think I have enough five gallon (or whatever gallon they are) buckets. I dunno, might research it a bit later on here...

So I think thats it. Nothing that is insurmountable, well maybe if the woman wants us off her property, that could be bad, lol. Sorry for rambling, but it helps me collect my thoughts. I think I'll get out there this afternoon and try cleaning up a bit, see what the husband says. I'll keep yall posted!
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