Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuffs First Trim!

Tuff Tuff says, "what's in there??"

So I was kinda nervous. Yes, I have been picking his feet up since he was a baby, and he does good. But its a whole different ball game when its the farrier, a stranger, and they are rasping and cutting etc, on the hooves and not just holding them.

Anyway, we decided to do it out in the pasture, since all 5 horses needed doing. He drove in on Daisy and Rusty's side, and we did them first. This was two days after we had rode them, and apparently she was still in one of her moods because as soon as I walked toward her she took off trotting away from me!! Oooooo, I was livid. Stinkin mare. So for some reason Rusty was still there (I think he was going to the bathroom) so I grabbed him and he did him first. This guy is FAST, I mean he trimmed all four did front shoes and it took him maybe 10 mins? Crazy. He does this for a living tho, like 70 horses a week he said. Still, I like to see one take his time and check angles and such, I don't think does anything with them. But I could be wrong. After Rusty the little BIL was able to get Daisy and he got her trimmed up, unfortunately she only acted up a little once, haha, so I only got to smack her with the lead rope that one time. (yes, I hold a grudge!)

Once they were done there he drove over to the dividing fence where the colts and Sugar are. (by the way they all get along quite well, she say stay out of my way, and they listen! But she doesn't chase them) Lee was already there attempting to put Tuff's oh so pretty red white and blue halter on, and was trying to keep the head piece buckled, lol. Why, I have no idea, so I said you have to undo it! He goes I KNOW, man, try to tell a man something and yikes. Anyway, he was the first caught, so the first done! I was so nervous, lol, I wanted him to be so good! I'm silly, I know.

The farrier got out of his truck and goes, "now thats a pretty colt!" I beamed! Don't we all love getting compliments on our horses! And he hadn't, and didn't, say a word about any of the other 4.

Anywho, he did good, not great. He wanted to pull back a few times and get his foot back (fronts, he's always had a bit of trouble with balance) But Lee was holding him and was able to keep him still enough. Although the whole time you could see tension in his neck and his head cocked sideways lol, usually a foot stuck out at an odd angle trying to stay up! Poor guy. The farrier was really nice though, saying he was just a baby, its just baby stuff. :) He's right. Lee thought he did a good job, so I'm happy I guess. Need to work on acting like I'm rasping etc on his foot though, and holding it between my knees more. As you can see here --> no prob with the back feet, hehe.

Now as for his buddy, Skip, who was next. He made me feel even better about Tuff, haha. At first he wanted NOTHING to do with that farrier. He is kinda skittish around strangers. And started yanking and running backwards. The older BIL had a hold of him, and later Lee said he thought Skip wouldn't have gotten so far if his bro could have held him. He's not go the muscles my man does, hehe. (or the fine behind!! sorry ;)

This pic here is so cute, Lee held on to him while the other horses were being done and he just stood there and relaxed, so cute. Ugh, that halter!

Anyway, after that Skip was just fine, no probs. Of course his owner wasn't there, and didn't believe us that he threw a fit at first. I ALMOST got it on camera, seconds too late. Boo! Hehe.

After Skip was done, we let the colts go and they wandered around eating while Sugar was being done. At one point Tuff got very curious about the farriers truck and kept trying to see in his windows and through the back door, it was hilarious! I've never seen a horse maneuver around and just stare into a vehicle like that, so funny. Thats what he is doing in the very first picture.

And here is a comparison of Tuff and Skips hooves, Skip has quite a bit smaller one:
I will leave you with the cutest head shot I have of Tuff yet! He looks so different 'naked' lol. I will also leave you with a small video of him getting his back foot done.

Hope all is well with everyone, have a good week!

Tuffs First Hoof Trim! from Britnieann on Vimeo.
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