Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Saturday Ride (and my husband is awesome!)

All my boys together! <3 td="">
So we had a pretty free and open Saturday for once this last week and after we went to the flea market and had brunch I put Hailey bug down for her nap and went to ride Harold! The hubby was tinkering in his shop for awhile and then came and watched with the older kiddos who were playing in the car while I rode.

I had time to do ground work this ride so we went over all our usual exercises again. He was pretty lazy, even more then usual, that afternoon so I had a difficult time getting him to move his forehand over but he did ok a few times. I had found my string finally for my stick that has been missing for forever and I desensitized him with that a bit. He didn't even flinch! I smacked it as hard as I could on the ground either side of him and in front of him and he couldn't have cared less.

Oh! I forgot I also walked him over something that would probably wig out 80% of horses, lol. Our old above ground pool liner is laying over there in the yard between the round pen and pasture until we can haul it to the dump, and I have been meaning to try and see if he will walk over it. It's striped blue and white, crinkly, all wrinkled and bumpy. And he stopped in front of it and snorted at it a few times and I let him sniff it, then I asked him to walk on and he calmly made his way over it. Hah! 

So after the ground work I saddled him up with his new teal pad (!) and away we went! I had talked to A about how she introduces more connection in the reins with her horses and she said she follows how Clinton Anderson does it, which I had done with Daisy before. You slowly take up contact on each rein one at a time and then plant your hands on your thighs and hold until then give without moving. He got it right off but I made the mistake of letting him back up while he was doing it. Whoops, so it took a bit for him to stop doing that but then he had it pretty good! I will just chip away at it a little each ride!

I could tell he was getting better already with his steering this ride, and we had a few less of the 'I'm gonna stop right here until you make me move' episodes, lol.

Ugh, my leg
So all in all another great ride! I noticed from the video and stills I took that he was'nt moving out quite as well as he was last ride. Not sure why, but might have something to do with me taking up more contact and him not used to that.

Let's back up so I can recap my last lesson since TODAY is my next, lol. Last week I rode Goldie girl again. I was riding with a 17 year old that helps out/works for L who is very sweet. She and I get along great and she is fun to be with. I was glad not to be alone again! She has taken a two year break from riding so was wanting to get back into it again. She loves to jump but hasn't put a whole lot of time into flat work. And did L work us! Gahh. I was sore in my shoulders and back for quite a few days. She had me doing a lot of rounding with Goldie and getting her to go on the bit. We did a serpentine exercise that was fun, going from trot to canter and back. Although I have a horrible time sitting Goldie's canter, gah. I did find that if I had her collected well and slowed down a bit it was easier, of course.

It was getting dark, so the pics are a bit poopy
Back, bleh
Ah! I have an actual posture!
I'm not sure what we will do this lesson! If I had to guess we might do some jumping since she likes to mix it up a bit, which I like! Speaking of lessons, I usually take my own saddle, girth and pad with me. I have a suburban so I have plenty of cargo room in the back, but half the time I have strollers or folding chairs in there too. I could put it in my seating area but with three children and all their stuff that just is not an option. I have been telling the husband I need him to build me a saddle holder in my car for a while now and while he was out building him a shooting house in the shop the other day I came across the prefect one on pinterest!

I quickly rounded up some already painted shelf pieces I never used and had him throw me together a awesome saddle stand to take in and out of my car!

It's going to have a bridle hook on the inside and a bottom also so I can put brushes, etc in there and carry my bridle with me to the round pen or wherever I'm riding. We ran out of time the night we made it plus the paint needed to dry. It will also have a handle on the front so it will be easier to tote around. LOVE IT! And of course I had a can of teal spray paint hanging around that had to be put in use, heh. I'm halfway thinking about marketing the things! I know this is going to be a huge help for me and I bet I'm not the only one. Etsy maybe?? I'll pimp the husbands work out for sure! ;)

Until later!!

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