Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jump All The Jumps!

So last post I was talking about how discouraged I was about the last time I jumped a course. (and really to be fair to myself the first time I've ever done it! lol)? Well I got to do several more last night and really felt like I rocked it!!

Okay, truthfully I'm still at kindergarten level and have a lot to work on, but I felt like I had actually improved and felt pretty good about it.

Here's my snazzy video I did of all the good parts.

So! Yes, I jump ahead a bit. Yes, my core and shoulders still need work. But I feel like I've come a pretty good ways from what I USED to be! And as a side note, why the heck is my leg so freakishly long looking?? -_-

So before all the sweet jumps we worked on some more conditioning and also getting into a good position before the jump and over some rails. More time and riding is really all I need. I KNOW what I'm supposed to do now, I just need to do it! I wish I could ride my Harold at home some in between! But frankly right now with my schedule I'd be lucky to get one day in. Which is definitely better then nothing!

Here are a few video stills.

I still LOVE my new saddle. It does all I want it too. I feel secure in it, comfortable, and I feel like I ride well in it. Yay! I think I will be getting a riser pad for mister Harold to make sure it fits him well though. (Holster is riding with one in the video as well)

Harold is doing pretty good! He is really lame at all just walking. So tomorrow (I have a free off day, whoop whoop) I'm going to get him out and try and work him to see what we have.

As for trailer news we have still been working on it off and on. The bondo is almost done. Just a bit more on the top and a few other places. I got the paint and primer the other day so we are getting closer!

No idea why the ladder is tipped over, lol

That is about all for now, until later! Oh, I will leave you with a picture of my adorable baby girl though. It doesn't get much sweeter then this!

Hailey June - 7 Months 

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