Thursday, January 29, 2009

"THATS not sweet feed!!"

Well! I started feeling guilty the other day about Tuff being the only one not getting grain. (though he didn't seem to mind, he loves his hay!) And decided to take myself over to the local TSC to pick up a bag of complete feed. I found one that sounded pretty good, its for growing horses over a year. Yeah! That fits! And it wasn't 18$, lol. (mare and foal is EXPENSIVE!)

(BTW, its not the feed to the side, they didn't have the feed I bought on the website for some reason...but it is dumor)

So I also picked up some wormer and got outta there! So I get home and the husband is already there (yay!). We've been playing around with the idea of building a shed/garage type thing to the side of our house with our tax refund. He's been wanting one for quite a while, and I told him fine, as long as there is room for my tack! Hehe, and plus I know it would make him happy...anyway, we measured out an area for that just to visualize, then decided we'd better get the horses fed becaue it was getting COLDER and colder. My legs were freezing just from being out there for that little amount of time, so Lee told me I should go put my insulated coveralls on. GOOD idea! I was nice and toasty after that! Oh and my cute camo hunting boots, hehe, cause it was sloppy out from the rain that day and night before.

So shoved the wormer down him (he was quite fixated on his hay still in the back of the truck and was not as cooperative as usual!) And then went to mix up his feed. I gave him just enough to cover the bottom of the bucket and a little more. It's a pelleted feed, so I was a little worried he might not like it. And after I gave Skip his and walked a little farther down and put his down, I got my answer. He said WHAT THE?? And made tracks over to Skips bucket to eat with him! ARGH! So I drug him back over to his. He tried that 2-3 more times so I just climbed in there and stood there in between them. He had this look on his face and whenever he took a bite he would nod his head up and down really fast like he was having a terrible time chewing it. *Sigh* I kept telling him, don't you know HE has 6$ feed and YOU have 13$ feed?? Lol, he obviously did not care. He would even eat a few bites of hay during! Thats how much he doesn't like it. Then he dumped the bucket over with the last bits in it and just ate his hay, not even bothering to clean it up. GREAT! After the other horses were done THEY had no problem cleaning it up! THEY are apparently not as picky or spoiled! -_-

So, I'm thinking maybe he just needs to get used to it. It ISN'T as tasty as the molasses sweet feed he usually got, I know. (He's only ever had mare and foal textured or later grow and perform textured) So tonight I told Lee to mix in a bit of Skips sweet feed and maybe that will help. (I've got to work till 6 tonight, boo) We'll see! I don't know why he was having such trouble chewing it tho, I mean he was chewing on it and his head was just a going! Nod nod nod nod, blech blech blech! Lol, silly boy.

Anyway, I'll let yall know!
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