Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stormy In The Spotlight

At certain angles she has such a pretty, feminine face

Okay, first of all I'm kinda ticked at blogger. Apparently my posts have not been being published when I tell them to be. -_- I had one from a few days ago that never showed up, so I went and REpublished it and now it is finally showing up in my list. So annoying. Anyway! Yesterday afternoon I pulled into the drive and saw the little BIL getting his horse out of the pasture (they are in the front one by the road right now). I was like oh! Horsey goings ons! Of course one of my favorite goings ons there is! So I stopped and he said he was going to go lunge her, so I asked him if his dad was helping (the only one at the house with a good bit of horse experience) and he said he 'reckoned'. So I hurried home and changed out of my work clothes, grabbed my camera and waved at the husband as I went back out, lol. He had just got to the round pen basically by the time I was dragging my bike off the porch.

She was pretty nervous for about 15-20 minutes. Trotting around pretty quickly, neighing and calling when she heard her 'beaus' calling for her (they were a bit upset at her departure!). The round pen is about half a mile? from the pasture she was in. Maybe less. She did good though! She settled in and was listening pretty well. Of course the little BIL is a newbie to horses anyway, so they did good for both being green!

He lunged her for quite a while, took him a bit of work to get her to lope, he hasn't figured out how to use the whip and control her at the same time real well yet, lol. Then they got the saddle out and put that on her. You could see she was a little iffy about that at first, but within seconds she was fine with it. The FIL decided to lunge her around a bit (after a comment from me) with it before the BIL mounted up. She was pretty unconcerned.

So without further ado he mounted up! She stood very well for that and all the stirrup fiddling. When they first walked off she had a few issues with wanting to turn and go her own way, or trying to back up. But the BIL did very well with correctly her quickly but gently, and that was all the trouble they had! She seems to have a good mind on her. Thank goodness!

The round pen is GREAT. Its a good size and was very helpful for something like this. We have no idea how many rides this filly has on her, and they have only rode her once since we bought her. So its nice to have a round pen to keep things controlled!

After he walked her around a bit he decided to try trotting her, something they had not done before. She did super! Did not take much urging at all and off she went! She quit on him pretty quick, but it didn't take him much to get her going again. Super job.

I wanted to ride but we had plans that evening, so it will have to wait! I left soon after that to get ready, but I heard later that the older BIL and then the FIL also rode her, and she did just as well. Good girl!

So that is about it! A good showing for Stormy, and a great start to our round pen usage, ;). Can't wait to get my horses in there!

Here is a video I put together of all that went on!

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend all!

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