Monday, February 14, 2011

RidingTuff Part II

Hey guys! Sorry it has taken me SO LONG to get this posted. Mainly its because I had nearly an hour of video to cut down to 7 mintues! Phew!

Anyway! Like I said before, he was a super star!! I mean even I, who knows him best, didn't think he would do THAT well! I was just editing the video and he even RESTS A FOOT while I am sitting on him. Such a good mind on that boy!

So I was thinking of riding him that day, but also knew it was asking a lot of him since I had not worked with him in nearly a year but once (last week) and he probably needed more time for me to refresh him on things we had done. But I did bring my helmet and the saddle out there just in case. I knew if nothing else it would be good for him to carry the saddle around a bit. I also grabbed the driving lines so we could work on that.

So the husband was on babysitting duty, though she very obligingly decided to take a nap not long after I got out there and he laid her down in his parents house with the mother in law supervising. (the round pen is just in front of it in their front slash side yard)

I lunged him a bit to begin with and he was awesome. You wouldn't believe the inside turns we were getting! They were SO GOOD. Even turning back to the right, his bad side. I was SHOCKED. I guess I wasn't doing too much wrong, he just needed a bit of practice. :D His cantering was good as well, tho a bit lazy. His right lead was a little sticky as usual but if I really got after him to jump into it out of his trot we usually got the lead.

Then I took him to the side and put his saddle on. He was pretty unconcerned. It took us probably 20 minutes or so to just get the darn cinch where we could get it tight enough. Thank goodness my husband was out there, he rigged it up good on the off side so I could get it tight enough on the left. He stood quiet like a good boy!

I walked him around a bit to make sure he was cool, he was, so I brought the long lines in and got those run through the stirrups and off we went! This part was a bit hairy. He hasn't been ground drove in a long time and it took him a few minutes to understand what I wanted. But he was SO calm and 'whatever' about it. After a few rounds we had it figured out pretty good, but he was still really sticky about his 'woah' and turning was still a bit tough as well. All we were using was the halter. So it started getting dark and I figured if we were going to ride (which was becoming a serious possibility with how well he was behaving!) I'd better get over there and get started!

I took him back to the side and the hubby came in for support. I did some hopping beside him, then some stepping in the stirrup, then laying on my tummy, etc. He started getting tired of me pulling his saddle to the side I think and started moving forward. So I went back to just putting my foot in there until he settled, then back to the other. And then up I went! You can see the husband get all startled and nervos on the video! Its so funny! He said to me, "your supposed to let me know before you do that!" Sorry!

And what did Tuff do? Nada! He moved a bit to distribute my weight but that was all! So I slid off pretty quick and then went back up, etc. So fun! Then I moved him to the middle where we had a good 'runway' and climbed back up and had the husband lead us around. He was walking so slow and careful, and when we made the turn my husband said he was moving his legs more sideways then forward, haha. So we stopped a few times and went the other way and then I called it a day! GOOD BOY TUFF! It was too fun! I decided against hooking reins to the halter and guiding him myself since he had been so 'sticky' ground driving. We need more work on that and besides, there is no rush. I need to get him a good bit and have him working well in it. Should have done this already, really. The full cheek I bought him last year is too small now for sure. Next time I may work him some in the bitless bridle and see how he does with it. If that goes well I may ride him in that until I can get a bit.

So that about does it! I loosened his cinch right after I got off as reward and then took him to the side and untacked him. Then the husband took him back to the pasture and he got his grain for the night.

I am SO PLEASED with him! I wanted to ride him again this weekend but it didn't work out. Hopefully soon!
Here is the video! (you m ay want to click on it and open it on youtube, its a little large for my layout and you can watch it in HD there)

As for long term plans...well, the husband thinks we need to sell him. :( He is too short for him to ride (and too short for me really and truly). I guess he is never going to be more then a big pony. He said he would ride with me if I would sell Tuff and buy him a dead broke horse he won't have to worry about. I'd love to keep him for Chloe later on, but what would he be doing in the short term? Thats at least 4 or 5 years from now. And we can't afford 3 horses at this point...

Sigh. Its going to be hard to find him a good home. He is unregistered, small, and green broke. Yeah I'm going to get him riding pretty well before I put him up for sale, but he will still be just starting his riding life, therefore, not good for kids just yet which is really where his niche will be. Much thinking to do!

On the other hand, it is exciting to think of getting another horse so I can actually have someone to ride with! The husband said he wants a Friesan. LOL! But would be okay with a Percheron, oh okay darling. Lol, seriously though, he just wants something that isn't ugly, lol, and will take good care of him. SO DO I. I will have to have one that I know will never take off, buck, or rear with him. Being pluggy/lazy is OK with me though, lol. I shopped around a bit the other day. Most times you need a couple thousand for something like this, but maybe we can run up on a deal. We won't be able to spend more then $700 or $800 on one. And that is pushing it! But we also dont need something registered and it doesnt have to be show quality. JUST SAFE. I'm thinking on at least getting $500 out of Tuff. IF WE SELL HIM. I still haven't made my mind up about this! Lol, Ive put a lot of time and and emotions into this horse. Plus him being Daisys baby. Sniff. TUFF WHY DIDNT YOU GROW?! :(

Okay! After an excessively long post, I will say...until later! Stay safe and have fun everyone!

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