Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Docscockylilcutter aka 'Stormy'

So I got to work with her two days in a row last week. Thursday and Friday. First session went really well. Getting her out of the pasture was an absolute nightmare, but not her fault really. And once we got in the round pen she did all the exercises great.

What I was going for first was a consistent canter whichever way I pointed without breaking or turning. Then I wanted to get a few inside turns. CA (clinton anderson) says to never let them turn to the outside because you don't ever want them showing you two heels. :shrug: I guess I can see that. And let me be clear I don't think he is the be all end all of horse trainers. But I DO think he has a great method and I like a lot of it. I love how easy and precise it all is. No guess work, simple, clear directions. And the horse gets it.
So, what are we doing in here??
I would really rather be back with my 'boys'

Looking for the cue to come in
 She did great with her turns. She didn't do one wrong (as in turning to the outside) turn at all until my husband came over to watch. And I think I was so anxious to show him how well she was doing that I cued her wrong a few times. If I really made sure I was keeping myself straight in my cues she did great. She has enough energy I don't have to get after her much at all. Now, this is a huge contrast to my mothers new mare. The first session with her I about died from exhaustion chasing her big hiney trying to keep her cantering! It was so bad that in the end I settled for a trot.

So after you get the horse moving out well without quitting on you or turning, and doing consistent inside turns well, I was ready to let her rest and find out that being in the middle, ie with me, was a good place to be! She got it right off and walked right up to me! I was a little shocked since both Cisco and Chloe wouldn't do that even after 5 or so sessions. You are then supposed to rub them down, scratch them, all over. She wasn't terribly focused on me at this point, a lot of her attention was on the horses hollering for her, but she did ok. A few times I asked her to go back around and then come back in to get her refocused.

I did a little of her following after me and then put her up after she had quit blowing. She did great for her first time out!

The next day I worked with her while my youngest napped in the car. (she is almost 9 months now, can you believe it?!) Chloe (not the horse, lol) watched la la loopsy on youtube on my phone in a chair nearby. She also was my willing photographer, lol.

I took this one. And I moved her halter up a bit after this too!

Doing some desensitizing to the rope

Stick/string desensitizing (don't laugh too hard at my skinny chicken legs -_-)

I decided it would be easier to just work her in hand this time having the kids and all. Plus that day was a heat advisory of 107, so the shade sounded pretty good! It was actually quite nice there, good breeze blowing.

So it didn't take me as long to get her this time, but was still a tricky endeavor! I really hope eventually I can get her to come up to me in the pasture. Or at least stand still for me to get her! Right now if you show any inclination to come after her she walks away. And if you try to head her off, she evades faster! I usually bring a grain bucket with a bit in the bottom to entice her but it still takes a while. Mostly because I have to keep fatso Chatterbox out of my way, which usually spooks her off as I'm chasing him away.

I started out reviewing our backing from the previous day. She is quite good at backing up from a wiggle of the lead now. I also introduced another cue to back, its called marching, where you hold the stick in your hand like a ski pole and march your hands and knees up and down at them. She backed up really well with that. Then I moved on to some desensitizing. Throwing the lead rope all over her, no prob at all, she usually stood with a hoof cocked through all of this. Then desensitize to the stick and string all over her body. Again, no prob. I didn't do the string slap because I want to wait to be in the round pen for that. I didn't want to risk her getting free with my little girl out there, etc. 

So then I tried to move on to hind quarter yielding but the first one I did she showed me apparently she has been kicked or something. She was very gimpy on her back leg and hopped her hind end over in stead of moving it. So I only did a few of those each side. She did well! That was about all I had time for. Once I got her put back in the pasture little one was awake and it was time to go in and cool off!!

I haven't had a chance to get out again this week yet. I tried the other night but by the time the husband was done mowing our acre and a half to watch the kids it was too dark. So we just went out and fed them horse cookies, lol.

I hope to get out there again maybe this Thurs and Fri since I will be busy tonight and church is tomorrow night. 

I'll keep yall updated!!

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