Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friday Is Horsey Day

So I love Fridays. More then most people even, because its my OFFFF DAYYY. Whoo hoo!

And the last few weeks it has also become my go to day to play with Stormy.

The day starts with feeding the babies, picking the house up. Hopefully getting a load of dishes started (depends on the mood of Shelby Marie, my 9 month old) and then off we go to run a few errands and put my youngest to sleep. I try to make sure I have the clothes (usually a cool shirt and my sneakers) I need in the car as well as my training whip and rope halter all ready to go. Then I can just go straight past the house and park by the round pen without having to stop and potentially waking the sleeping beast beauty!

So here we go again, trying to recall what exactly I did Friday!

I had a bit of trouble getting her this week. I approached a little more directly and when I went to reach for her halter she walked off. Drats! So the next time she came to get her cookie I just petted her on the head and acted more nonchalant before I took hold of her. She still raised her head up like "aw,  man!" but I had her then! She's not nasty about being caught, I just think someone has been too impatient or rough with her a lot in her past and that has made her like that.

I took her to the tie post and my little helper and I gave her a quick dust off and mane comb.

Silly girl pulling her hand back after petting her 
She stood perfect. I didn't mess with her hooves since I had Chloe with me so we just went on to the round pen. 

Another review of all we have done before! Except I didn't free lunge her at all. She is still sore on that leg -_-. Her hooves still need attention but I can't get her owner to get anyone (or let me) out there. 

I checked on little girl before we went in the pen, then the father in law got there and he checked on her again and told me she had woke up. So he got her out and held her while I finished up. 

I've been wanting to see how she would do with the lunging for respect exercise for a while now. So I practiced a bit of hindquarter yield and then went for it. She did great. I think she has done something similar quite a bit before because she did it all very well, despite my bumbling around. She was a bit more animated with it then I would like (she can be quite reactive) but I eventually got her settled down where she was even just walking. I think CA usually wants them at least trotting but with her being so reactive/hot I thought it was a good thing for her. So that was pretty exciting! 

I had Chloe take some videos but as you imagine they didn't turn out too hot, lol. Here are a few 
0screen shots.

She got a little heavy on the line a few times but all I had to do was tug a bit on her and she would soften. She actually went around looking at me a lot of the time, wanting to stop and come in, or just being attentive. You can kind of see it in the pics.

So I did very little since she is still gimpy and finished up with some more lateral yielding and such. Great session! Especially after the somewhat disappointing one. We had birthday parties all Saturday and Sunday is full with church, so didn't get out there again. Maybe tonight!

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