Monday, January 5, 2015


They do exist! Although still not in my possession -_-. I sent the man who has them ANOTHER text (probably my fifth or sixth one) but this time I asked if he remembered his registered name by chance so I could look it up. And he sent me a PICTURE of his papers, I was blown away. CHR Sam I Am is his name. I wish I had known that! I like Sam better then Harold, but the daughter and husband won't let me change it!

So anyway all afternoon I worked researching and tracing his ancestors. Trying to find any pictures/info out on him and his sire and dam.

No luck! Can't find a word about him or either of his parents. I did find a sale ad on an auction site for a full brother. It said he was a big pretty gelding that you could do whatever with and was a great trail horse. No pictures tho :(.I also found another full sibling, a sister on another site. But no info or pictures about her. Apparently his sire and dam were a popular breeding for someone.

Harold's 'grandpa'
So nothing on his immediate family but from grandsire and grandam back there is PLENTY. Lots and lots of big name halter horses. Harold is halter horse to the BONE. His paternal grandsire is Mr Yella Fella who was a huge name in halter and goes back to Ima Cool Skip and Impressive. On his dams side he has Impressive again a little closer and also Obvious Conclusion, who was a gorgeous halter horse as well, although N/H. Thankfully Harold has already been tested and is negative for HYPP.
Maternal 'great-great-grandpa'
I was kind of curious to why so many of his line had initials at the front of their names. I found out the JMK is actually someones initials. And he liked to put them on the front of every horse he bred himself. There is an article about him in the QH Daily I found here:

As for the CHR in front of Harolds name? Haven't figured that one out yet! I'm going to assume it is also someone intials.

So there you have it! Why my horse rides like a pogo-stick at the trot, lol! But he sure is pretty ;). I am hopefully going to actually GET the papers sometime soon, but I was so excited to finally find out his back ground and his registered name!

Until later I will leave you with a picture of Shelby girl helping mom carry hay to Harold, lol.

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