Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Still here!

But with nothing interesting to report at all! I did get a few pictures the other day so thought I would just yammer about some stuff and put some pics just to make a post, lol.

Who me?
So off and on all winter I got a chance to play with Mr. Harold a few times. Just reinforcing things we have already learned. Mainly lunging for respect stage 1, the hindquarter yield, forequarter yield, neck yield (brain fart on the proper 'term'), backing, etc.

He has steadily gained weight on the senior grain although never gotten where we aren't seeing any ribs. His topline has filled in though and we don't have any pokey hip bones so I'm okay with it. I'm hoping the resurgence of grass will fill him in. Plus I'm going to worm him again soon.
Thirsty pony

The father in laws horse on the other hand seems to be getting worse rather then better. He is seriously a bag of bones. I keep trying to tell the FIL that his goofy mixture of corn, oats and sweet feed is not good for him but he won't listen. -_-
I'm hoping to move him out to the big pasture where some grass is soon, hopefully I can get the father in law on board.

Well not much more to report, until later!

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