Monday, March 13, 2017

Catch Up!

Well it's finally March! Whooo hoooo! Hello warmer and longer days, and more time with the ponehs!

His first monogrammed pad! ;)
Okay! I'll try and get back on track, I've been horrible updating lately. Every spare moment has disappeared. And if I do get one I usually take a nap! lol. I've also had some sickness hitting me off and on.

Anywho! It's lesson day again! I have had two lessons since reporting. Here is a video from the first! We have been doing a lot of jumping lately. I'm slowly getting better. I still have a ways to go but I'm improving, thats the main thing!

I had another lesson the next week with some more jumping, one I didn't feel like I did as good on. Just an off day I guess. Last weeks lesson went really well though. I was so proud of myself.

I rode London! The grey appendix I haven't rode since probably my third lesson back with L. Which did not go well. He is hotter and needs more finesse. I was just getting back into riding and still pretty weak and wobbly.

But that night went great! We did a dressage lesson and I had him going on the bit pretty consistently and he wasn't getting worried or hot or anything. Yeah! He is probably the 'hardest' horse to ride in the barn. I was pretty psyched.

Here is our dressage test, just look over the part where I did my 20m circle at the wrong spot, haha.

london from Britnieann on Vimeo.

On to Harold news!! I have been getting to ride him at least once a week, sometimes twice. I have done a few more side rein sessions with him, lots of dressage work. He's getting quite good at giving me some contact at the trot now. We have even done some canter work! :D

Here's a photo and video bomb from the last three or so weeks.

So happy with this boy!

Pretty halt!
Love him!

So as you see in the last photos I FINALLY GOT HIS TAIL UNTANGLED! Can you believe it?? It used to look like THIS:

It has had a huge what I called BAT, of matted hair. It was just tangled ridiculously until it became one bit mat of tail hair longer then my forearm. He had it when I bought him and I've never known what to do with it, or had time to work on it. 

Finally the other day I had some extra time and decided to try some WD-40 in it. And made some progress! A few days later I bought some of this MAGICAL stuff:

The magic part is NOT a lie. I did end up using close to half of the tube before I got done but it was WORTH it! I can't believe how awesome it worked. And his tail is just so full and beautiful now. I was so afraid I would have to cut that out!! I also banged it so its nice and neat at the bottom now. 

I made him a bridle path finally as well, something he was not real thriled with but I got it done just in the pasture without even a halter, lol. 

Oh! And speaking of grooming, I found another magical object, online this time. Behold! The SleekEZ! I'll let my video review speak for itself. 

So I flipping love this thing. Well worth the $20+ bucks. It has made shedding season easy as pie. 

So, trying to think what else I may have missed. I'm sure there is a lot, but oh well! 

Till later!

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