Friday, August 8, 2008

Flip That Horse!

A big off topic but I wanted to share this with any readers I have.

I found a few videos while surfing on youtube the other day, by a horsewoman named Aeron. She made her own reality series called "Flip That Horse". It is GREAT. She isn't a professional trainer, but her techniques and methods are really very good and she gets a great response out of her horse in a very calm and short time! I really enjoy watching them.

What she did was rescue an basically unhandled 2 year old filly, and is now halter breaking it and saddling it. After that she is giong to find it a good home. Check her out! Episode 1: This is the intro, showing how the filly can't be caught. Episode: 2 And here Aeron goes into getting her used to being handled and moving out in a round pen.

Hope yall enjoy it as much as I do! I really wish I had a round pen to work my yearling in. Would make things so much easier! My bro in laws horse could definitely benefit from it as well. Ahhh wishes wishes.
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