Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still Here!

Although just not 'here' because really nothing to report! Well, I did do a bit with Tuff so decided to blog about that.

I haven't seen him in awhile because he is turned out in a HUGE pasture with his other yearling buddy, its like 10 acres. And a ways from my house, i.e. I'm to lazy to go out and find/see him! Anyway, they sprayed it for weeds so they had to be off it for a week so we have them penned up in a smaller portion that is up next to the inlaws house (which is just down the road from our house). So! He was actually out there the other day.

We drove up to just go visit on Saturday and I heard this NEIIGGHHH! LOL, and I go TUFF TUFF!!! And start joggin over there. Haha, he has his ears up staring at me then walked up to the fence to see me. HES SO COOT! I just wuv him. So I climbed through the hot wire and loved on him for a bit, picked up his feet and messed with his pretty mane. He was a good boy and just stood there and would turn his head and look at me every once and awhile like, so where you been??

I could NOT believe how WHITE he was! I wish I had had my camera. He is very light now, almost a flea bitten grey sort of color. I dont know if its just sun bleaching (do greys do that??) or if he really is progressing that fast in his greying out process. The FIL (father in law) keeps swearing he is a roan. :roll eyes: No matter how many times I tell him you HAVE to have a roan parent for the foal to be roan, or that he is just reddish because he was a chestnut foal, he STILL insists he is a roan. SIGH. I don't argue anymore, just say no hes not, and leave it, lol.

I look at his foal pictures and see how striking and pretty he was as a chestnut with four high whites, and its kinda sad! But he will still be very pretty. His mane and tail are still a dark grey and its quite striking with his whiter body. He reminds me a bit of an arabian with that coloring he has now, especially with his long mane and his neck is quite long right now, and his petite face. Lemme see if I can find an example.

Here's one!

And I bet this horse was a chesnut as a foal as well, with the reddish coloring. (Side note: That HIP! GAG!!)

Anyway, I'll try to get a pic soon! I went out to their house again sunday and I didn't bring my camera again!! Dummy! The SIL had her colt out, his buddy, and was walking around with him pretty far away, and he was unconcerned, I was glad about that. He was pretty herd bound to him when they first got put in there.

I wanted to go give him a bath this weekend but never got my lazy butt over there. He's been sprayed before but not ever had a 'real' bath. So I hope he doesn't give me too much trouble. I doubt it, especially if I do it when its pretty hot out! Which is ALL the time now. Ugh, supposed to be a heat index of 104!!! today. My poor husband. I hope he's working inside today. (he builds custom houses)

OH! I almost forgot! Lee (my husband) was out there with his bros and dad shooting off guns (they just CAN'T wait for hunting season, lol. -_- My husband has FIVE guns. I mean, can you imagine the niceness of the saddle I could buy if we sold those things! Fine, keep ONE and I could get me a nice un'!) First he was shooting his big deer rifle, that mother is LOUD! The colts were eating hay, so they would jump and look, Tuff usually took a few quick steps, and then go back to eating. He shot that one maybe 5 times? And they would do the same thing each time, but never run off. And would get over it pretty quick, I was happy! Then he got his hand guns out, not near as loud, and after about 5 shots of that they barely even looked up. So yay! I told Lee to keep shooting and he was like, what?? And I said, well I want the colts to get used to it! lol

Sunday I also worked with his feet a bit, and gave him some more wormer. Thanks to me worming him about every two months or so his pot belly is very minimal. His yearling friend though looks like he is 11 months pregnant, NO JOKE. Its disgusting. They have not been worming him as often, I think is why. I weighed Tuff and he is about 600 lbs, his buddy is about 150 lbs under him, but he has always been smaller. They are both getting a bit taller though. But still seem short for nearly being a year and a half. :shrug:

SO! Just a little update. Haven't had the urge to ride in awhile, I'm sure Daisy is fine with that, lol. I wish we had a show or something to work toward, it just seems pointless to go out and work on stuff when she will just be sitting in the pasture eating. Her shoes need to be pulled, so I don't think she is rideable anyway.


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