Thursday, April 16, 2009

Short Update

So, first off I have some sad news. Sugar died Monday afternoon. :( If you dont remember her, she is the palomino mare my father in law borrowed from his brother in law for the little BIL to ride. Who also was very lame and only got rode once since we got her last summer. Anyway, she was very old and lost a LOT of weight and finally gave up this week and couldn't get up anymore. They got her to some nice green grass and she went happily eating. Every horses favorite thing of course. RIP Sugar. :(

Anyway, that next day (I heard about it late that night before) I went over to see Tuff Tuff. I was worried he might miss her or something, but he wasn't phased. He still had his buddy Skip. They are so cute. I went out and loved on him, so glad he wasn't the one that got took off dead, and put some fly stuff in his ears, brushed him, etc. I noticed at one point Skip was really dirty on one side so I started to brush him, and walked to his opposite side to do it, and Tuff followed me over there acting like, hey, what about me?? lol, it was super cute.

Soon I'm hoping we will be able to put them out on the pasture for a few hours a day. That will really get him in good weight and shiney. Well, got to go, thats all for now!
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