Friday, July 17, 2009

Visiting! pictures, LOTS.

So I went out and visited my 'babies' yesterday! They were doing well, mostly. Tuff still isn't where I'd like him to be with his weight, but he is MUCH improved. Daisy had a small cut on her neck from the barb wire, but nothing bad, and some icky gnat bites. Sprayed her down so she is good to go for now.

The cut is from the 'visiting' that has been going on between the babies and her and Rusty across the dividing fence. Which has prompted us to get put a hot wire up now that will be charging the barb wire. So THAT will keep them off it! Jesses mare got the worst of it, she has a pretty nasty gash on her pastern. It probably should have been stitched :/. I haven't seen it myself though. Rusty got a cut in the same place (from pawing I am pressuming) but not as bad. Although it was in the same place he had a similar cut a few months ago.

Oh! And some really good news! The FIL found a round pen! Its going to be HUGE. Its at least a 72. Its an old one that he got a good deal on. They are sanding it down and repainting it (some was green and some was red, some are 16 ft and some 12 ft, lol) so it will look great when its done. I helped paint a bit of it yesterday. So now we have a safe place for starting the babies! (who are still not big enough to ride -_-)

So not much else to say! I got some neat sunset pics of Daisy though, so I'll post those and a few I have of the other hosses too. Enjoy!

This where we found her, just chillin, didn't bother to move even when the truck pulled up, lol

Love this one... ^

I was trying to take a pic with Daisy and Rusty decided he wanted a close up too ;)

I'm proud of this one! Its too cool, IMO

Happy Daisy...

My absolute fav of the day! I was crouched taking pictures of her
and she saw something interesting

Another happy Daisy...

And also for your viewing pleasure, the FIL was shooting his gun (for some unknown reason) and I got the babies standing pretty good for it! Skip especially is like, eh, whatever, haha. He shot about 4 times and they all jumped but didn't leave, so they are getting on there way to being gun-proof!

And just a few of Tuff, he's not very camera worthy at the moment, a little gawky looking!
I just wuv his cute little face!!

I don't do many of Skip, so here he is! Looking more 'horse-like'

The huddle, lol, Stormy has bleached out bad!
Skip always looks like he as actual socks on, lol

So thats all, ta ta for now!

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