Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Can't Horses Be Indestructible??

Okay, it happened. Here I was congratulating myself the other day about how MY horse was not the one that got cut up, hahahhahaaaa. Sigh. I can't say that anymore!

This is what greeted me when I went out to see Daisy this afternoon, warning, its NASTY.

Icky Wound

Nice, huh?? So I'm thinking she did it either last night or early this morning. It wasn't bleeding when I saw it, but was really swollen. I patted around it a bit, and she didn't freak out, but you could tell it was sore. So I was like, okay, I have to get her to the house and hose this sucker down, get some stuff on it. But, only one problem. Four other horses were in my way. -_-

I had just come from messing with Tuff, who is in the pasture next to them. I had my bike and a bucket with brushes, etc in it. And Tuff, Skip and Stormy were between me and the house. I also had to keep Rusty from getting through the gate with us.

I COULD have gone the long way around, which is like a 5 minute walk at least, but I didn't want to put her through that. So I was like screw it, I gotta get to the house. (I had tried calling the in laws house for help twice and even left a message, no answer)

Well I put the bucket on down the fence-line a bit to make the other horses go check that out and got the gate open. Partly. Its only on there with ropes right now. Yeah, I know. So it has to be UNTIED and TIED and then it doesn't move right, so you have to pick it up and still I couldn't get it open enough for her to get safely through (plus my bike was RIGHT there in the way)

So I'm trying to get the gate open some more and Daisy starts trying to get through the little gap nearly running me over!! Thank God she listened to me and didn't smoosh me into the dirt. I thought something had got in her wound or something, horse fly ect. But it was just Rusty coming up on her butt and she did NOT want him there. (this is the mare in perpetual heat, remember -_-)

So I shooed him away, got the gate farther open, and then of course I have the 3 stooges on the other side all back up in my face. -_-'

So I start yelling and waving the lead rope at them, they back off, momentarily of course, but long enough to tie the fence up again. I was just happy Rusty didn't get through, what a disaster that would have been. So we head off across the pasture, oh and I had Bowser out there with me too, thank God he knows to stay AWAY from the horses, because I didn't have enough in me to watch for him too. I tried!

So I'm screaming at the horses, spinning Daisy and I in circles to keep them away from her butt, lol, I didn't want anyone launched. We finally get on down to the bottom of the hill where there is a lane that goes up to the gate that connects to the house-pasture. I did NOT want them in that lane with me. So I chased them off a ways and tried to walk as fast as I could down and then up again to the gate. Hoping of course, to get there before the others and shut the gate. Heh, didn't happen. Stupid, retard, idiotic Stormy comes BARRELING down the hill with the colts right behind. I tried to shoo them off but it didn't work, they all crashed into her. Skip scattered up to the side, Stormy tried to roll back into the woods, and Tuff came up her other side into a little corner made by the fences. So I tried to shoo him out of the corner and back up the hill. But what does he do?? He tries to JUMP THE BARB WIRE!! Gahhh!!! I screamed NO TUFF! And he got out of it and ran off the other way, phew. Scared 10 years off my life. SERIOUSLY, why he thought that was a good idea, I've no clue.

So I'm like okay, what do I do NOW! I don't want to fight with them all the way up the other lane to the house. So I get Stormy behind us again, the colts have already gone up through the gate. So I keep her behind us and shut the gate on her. Phew. So I had the biggest trouble maker in jail, just had to get up to the house without any more mishaps. (oh, and add to all this Rusty screaming his head off and galloping around because he got left behind)

I shoo the colts away from her butt and head to the house, Thankfully they decided to stay behind us quite a ways and I was able to get to the gate and through it with no trouble. Thank GOD. Finally something that went right.

Okay, Time Out! Just heard from the vet. He looked at the picture I emailed him and said he wouldn't worry about proud flesh in that spot, thank God, and said to hose it once a day for 10-15 mins for 10 days. He said its going to get worse before better, and more stiff. I prolly should have picked up some bute, poor girl. I didn't get an answer about wrapping it or not Any thoughts guys?? I think I'm gonna leave it open with a bunch of medicine on it, seems like it should drain.

So back to my harrowing experience. Well, its past the harrowing part now. I got her up there, grabbed the water hose, and hosed it off for about 40 minutes. The swelling got a bit better. She was SUCH a good girl for everything (well, aside from wanting to run me over to get away from Rusty, although she DIDNT) just ate some grass, didn't mind the water or anything. And so calm about all the other horses running amock around her. Phew, just thinking of it makes my stress level jump, lol.

So I put some gunk on her wound and then we moved the colts out of the close pasture and put Daisy in there. The BIL came by here (work) earlier (he went to get a tetanus shot for me) and he is going to give the shot to her and I'm gonna try to get some bute on the way home. Might need to get some carrots to shove them into as well, heheh, thats how my mom always did it. Carve a hole and stick it in! Might want to get something for dinner, the husband just MIGHT be hungry when he gets home.

So before all this happened, Tuff and I had a good time! We did some lunging with my trusty long green lead rope (lol Becca) and some showmanship stuff. He was actually pivoting on his leg a bit! I was shocked, haha. Hopefully he was doing it halfway right, you'll have to tell us Becca! Then we did a little head lowering, and I did a little vertical yielding with him for the first time. He caught on to that quick! Then some lateral yielding. Then I got on the bucket and leaned over his back a few times each side. He was very good for that.

Pics of course!

Ratty mane, didn't bring a comb with me! I like the lighting tho...

Oops, cut off his ears, I was trying to be quick. Angle is bad as well, not flattering!
Oh well.

"Whatcha got in the bucket??"

And here is a vid I put together of all that we did. I did get one of me on his back but it looked like junk, I had to sit the camera on the ground and Tuffs whole head was not in frame, oh well. He looks wormy, I know, got it covered!

So I am pretty anxious to get home and check on her. The little BIL was supposed to be checking on her every so often for me, so I'm sure she is fine...

Everyone think good thoughts and pray it gets well quickly!

Till later!

PS! I didn't post this entry yesterday, Thurs, cause I couldn't get the video uploaded before I left work. So! Here it is today!

Update on Daisy: It actually looked better tonight when we went out to give her the tetanus. It's not as swollen. She is noticeably ouchier about it though. She was picking her leg up a bit and holding it when we were hosing it, etc, but still not real concerned. She was eating fine, looked fine, etc. Thank goodness. So we put some more medicine on it and put her back in the pasture by herself. Today we are going to move Rusty and her into the close pasture and the colts out to the far one, to keep her more accessible.
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