Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daisy Wound Update

So its been a week! Gosh, time flies!

It looks pretty good. I'm pretty happy with how it is healing. Sorry no pics, I keep forgetting to take one before I put medicine on it, doh.

So I've been out every day to put junk on it and then some swat. I hose it about every other day. The biggest trick is keeping the gnats out of it, ugh.

It still is a bit raised up above the actual wound...not sure if it will ever go back to normal. She might have a lump there for the rest of her life. Oh well, no biggie as long as it doesn't hinder her way of going, which I highly doubt. She is moving out just fine even now.

I gave her bute for about 3 days. Just a pill a day. She definitely enjoyed the carrots! :) But don't really see the need anymore.

So hopefully it will keep on progressing and get well quickly!

Yesterday I checked Tuff over too, his little cuts are just fine. The worst one, down by his coronet band, is all scabbed up and healing. I practiced picking up and holding his feet for awhile. Putting his fronts between my knees ect, and he did pretty good. I'm not much worried about his back, he's never had problems with those. He just finds it hard to balance on his front leg sometimes. Typical of a baby.

So, I really wish the BIL's four wheeler was running. Seriously, its getting old biking all the way out there every day!! But, it is good for me...I guess.... :grumble:

Here's some neat pics I took of Daisy and Rusty. I LOVE this one of Daisy, she has such a beautiful eye. And the sunset light is PERFECT.

And Rusty, showing his curious (and handsome) side perfectly here. He is SO NOSEY! ;) He would make someone a really nice horse if they wanted to work with him and embrace his quirks instead of be annoyed by hard to find that someone though!

So thats it for now, ta ta!

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