Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rusty & Skips Day


Hey guys! Look, HORSES on my horse blog! Lol, sorry its been so long since I've had a good update! Although, this is still not a post about the main horses this blog is about. Oh well! I was planning on playing with both my horses Sunday and of course it decided to start raining –_-.

Anyway! I haven't had a post specifically about either one of these horses yet! Rusty is of course the bro in laws gelding. And Skip is my sis in laws 2 year old gelding. I thought about getting my two out with them, but then I felt like I should step back and let them use it first, seeing as it is theirs. Plus it was getting dark FAST. I didn’t want to rush either one of them. Next time is my turn though, baby!


So first up was Rusty. Isn’t he pretty?? The FIL had decided he was getting on him that day. EEP! Thats what we all were thinking! I mean, Rusty is so unpredictable. He can be good, and then all of a sudden your hand moving in a different way can cause him to jump like he is going to die.

So they have had him out there at the rustywalkround pen to lunge two times now. This time they lunged him again, then brought out the saddle. Tacked him up and then a few more times around the pen, and then time to mount up!

He did well! Didn’t even move off while getting mounted, and the FIL isn’t as spry as he used to be, so it took him a minute to get on, lol. He walked on out when asked, trotted when asked, and was overall a very good boy. I was impressed! They ride him in a tom thumb, which I don’t like, and he seems to be very touchy with it when turning/backing. He makes sharp movements. It could be that the FIL is a little heavy handed, or a problem with his teeth, or something else. Not sure.



Anywho, great first ride in two years!

So after that the BIL (who was feeling too icky to ride that day) took him back to his pasture. By then the SIL had come home and she wanted to get Skip out. So she brought him over and the FIL lunged him for a bit and then she came in. She has never lunged a horse before so the FIL stayed in there to help her a bit (although I think he could have explained a few things better, like DONT LET YOUR LINE DRAG, lol)

So as far as I know this was Skips first time in the round pen. He’s never been a real fan of lunging, or moving about in a skipkristylungeenergetic manner, lol. At first he tried a few ducks and dodges and stalls, but pretty soon he gave up and trotted around like a good boy. Rusty’s saddle was still out there so they decided to put it on him. Kristy said something about how “saddles don’t bother him” so I’m guessing he has had one on at some point?? I didn’t ask. He acted liked he had at least, didn’t move around etc. He looked a little worried at first but when she put him back out on the line he skipkristywas perfectly fine with it. Darn, no bucking fits to video. ;)

By this time it was getting pretty dark, as you will see in the video. My camera kept trying to refocus. So they lunged him at walk trot and canter with the saddle and that was it!

Here is the video. I warn you its long and pretty boring, lol. I trimmed as much as I could! I should have made a seperate video for each of them. Oh well!

So I was disappointed I didn’t get to work with either of my two, and didn’t even get to ride Rusty! (no one offered and I didn’t ask, I figure the BIL will want to get on him before I do) But! Tomorrow is another day. So stay tuned! Just gotta find that tomorrow that doesn’t have dark descending at 5:00, which is only 30 minutes after I get home!

Have a lovely rest of the week all!

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