Friday, February 5, 2010

Daisy And Pony Rides


Daisy at Old Fashion Day ‘06

Well I figured it had been too long since I’ve posted, so decided to update yall on something that is going to happen at the end of the month.

A few weeks ago I was approached at church by our AWANA director. He said they are having a Western Days on the Sunday at the end of the month (28th) and heard we had some horses! They are wanting to get a few out there to do pony rides as part of the festivities. Sounded fun to me! I told him I only had one horse that would be suitable and he said he was trying to get another lady to bring at least one as well. There isn’t a lot of kids, so it shouldn’t be a problem if it is just Daisy as long as they do it in small groups. It won’t be near what it was the last time she was up at the church!

The year I bought her we had Old Fashion Day at our church and we were recruited to bring a horse for pony rides then as well. I think we went in circles for hours! Daisy did so good though! And this was not long after I bought her where she had been sitting in the field for who knows how long.

Here are a few pics from then! I didn’t get any of her actually doing the rides, I was a tad busy, lol, but here are a few afterwards. It was HOT as you can tell. Ignore the hack job I did on pulling her mane, ewwy. That dark spot is gone now, that was where the stud they put in her pasture chewed out a chunk and it grew back.

daisykirstyDaisy getting hand fed hay from her net, lol, by the little ‘uns

mulesA handsome mule team that also came, check out them comfy seats! lol

Family portrait! As you can see Daisys only concern was her hay ;)

So anywho! Its going to be cold this time rather then hot, boo, and I’m going to be over four months pregnant, lol. Lee might be the one leading this time as WELL as lifting all them chunky kids into the saddle. (He loved that last time, I’m sure you know) This is when he probably wishes she were 14 hands instead of over 15, haha. Although I think I will bring some sort of mounting block this time. The kids are youngish up to 5th graders. I’m sure a lot of the older kids could get themselves up there with the stirrup but Id rather not have them trying. Lots of saddle torqueing and belly/butt kicking would be involved naturally. I’ll try to spare Daisy that, ;).

The older BIL is going to get out and ride Daisy a bit for me in the weeks ahead, although I’m not really worried about it. As long as she gets rode 1-2 times the week of I’m sure all will be a-otay. I’ve got to wrangle up a horse trailer, but I’m pretty sure I know where to get one easily. Thankfully Daisy is a piece of cake to load.

Anywho, its been either bitterly cold or rainy for weeks, so no horsey goings ons. Its a mess out. Boo rain! I visit them every so often, they both look great. They are both just on pasture and hay, no grain. I’m glad this isn’t the winter that Daisy starts going down hill. She will be 20 this spring!

Ta ta for now!


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