Monday, February 22, 2010

Another New Addition!

Hi guys! Hope all is well with everyone! All is going good here, still in a holding pattern waiting for the warm/drier weather! I had a bit of interaction with Tuff Saturday. He was out dozing in the lovely sun and I gave him a brush down and leaned over his back a bit. He's a good boy :). I saw Daisy from a distance as we went for a walk through her pasture Sunday, she was too busy eating grass for visiting ;). Doesn't look like she will be the pony ride horse this Sunday like I thought. Another lady that goes to our church is bringing 3-4 of her horses so I thought it unnecessary.

Anywho, on to the subject of my title!

Her name is Scarlet (tentatively; its in her registered name, but that doesn't mean thats what they will name her!) I forgot her registered name, but she has a lot of old foundation blood way on back there. Doc Bar, King, Leo, etc. She is to be the father in laws riding horse.

She is a March '02 model, so almost 8, right? And about 15 hands is my guess. And probably a couple hundred pounds underweight. She was a freebie and also a rescue, I guess you could say. Her owner had a stroke or something of that kind and is not able to get out and care for the horses anymore. So they sit in their stalls in huge piles of manure all day. They don't have any pasture. Thats so ridiculous to make a horse life like that. They also have feet that look like this and worse:
Anywho, when he first walked her up to the house (the people that owned her are only about a mile down the road so he walked her home) I looked at her and went, ick. She looks like a TB racehorse just off the track. All scrawny and drawn up. She had her head up and her neck looked short. Her mane and tail are all scraggly and pulled out, and she needs a hoof trim and bath in the worst way. I have to say I was expecting something different from what I had heard him saying about her. Supposedly the guy liked to cut, and so I figured I'd see a stocky, thick QH sort of along the lines of my Daisy girl, but shorter. Hm, not so much! But, after a few months on pasture and some good nutrition I think I will definitely have to reevaluate her.

So he took her up to his house so all the folkes there could look at her and they brushed her down some. She was pretty antsy, watching the boys and Stormy (they were talking to her, lol, although we never heard her make any noises) and wanting to go visit. He took her to the round pen and let her loose and worked her a bit in there. He's worked her before when he went over to their house to help with the horses after the man had his stroke. She did really well. Listens to his body language well and even walked up to him on command after he was done. Here's a video of a bit of that.

So, as you can see her feet are making it impossible for her to move naturally. But she seems to genuinely want to be be around people. She would come up to us at the side of the pen and just hang out there, rather then be away from us. Her eye just has something in it that says, "love me, please?" So we will see! I'm betting she will get put out with Rusty and Daisy, I hope they get along well. There's already 3 horses in the other little 'herd', although that herd would probably be more welcoming. I have a feeling the other two are going to run her around quite a bit.

She is supposedly saddle-broke and labeled as 'cold-backed'. But the FIL thinks its because someone cowboyed her and didn't take the time to train her right. So we'll see how she does with quiet, understanding training. The only think I'm worried about is the FIL being too big for her. She is more of a 'lady sized' horse to me, not a 200+lb man size. I don't think its real wise...but what can you do? Maybe she will fill out with good care... :/

Here are a few shots I took of her:

I think she was happy to be out of her stall in the pretty weather! This was
her darting away from the fence back towards us

Her head is her best feature. It is adorable! Sadly I missed her cute little ears, they are also adorable (the sun was so bright on my camera screen I was guessing at most of my shots!)

Relaxing...ugh those feet! No white at all on her
except for a little bitty star on her forehead. Sigh, bays are so boring!

I think they are both smitten ;)

So not much more to say! I will keep you all updated of course.

In case anyone is wondering, my pregnancy is progressing well! I am in my 17th week now (just over 4 months) and we have a big event this Friday! Ultrasound day! So hopefully we will be finding out if we are having a little cowgirl or a little cowboy! We are both leaning towards boy, but will be estatic with a girl as well of course. I'm mainly praying that the ultrasound will show us that everything is looking great and just as it should be with my little guy/gal. I should start feeling little kicks and punches any day now! So excited.

Have a great week everyone! (and say a prayer for in2paints mare Lilly, she has a ultrasound this week as well on an injury, we want to hear about good results!)

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