Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Pictures...

Hey everyone! Still alive and kicking! (and being kicked! No, not by the horses, my little cowgirl! Yup, we're having a girl!)

It is starting to get nice around here!! Supposed to be 70's today. Though we still have those 60 days. But I think we are about done with the freezing weather, maybe one more shot! But hopefully not.

Nothing to post as of yet...just thought I'd share some pictures from the other day. On one of my days where I go into work later, I took the dogs out for a walk, and myself of course, to the in laws and then on out to the horse pasture. There they all are on the far side looking at us and the two puppies. They all seem to be pretty good buddies! Yeah, Scarlet is in with the other three, I think the FIL was afraid she'd get beat up on in the other pasture, plus she is able to come up to the house in this pasture to be fed, messed with, etc.

So without further ado!
The 'girls' coming to check us out, you can see Tuff is real concerned, lol

Stormy girl!

I love this pic, they were staring at the dogs, too cute. They seem to get along well

Next Post! Tuff wearing his first saddle and bridle!

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