Thursday, May 13, 2010

Picture Spam!

Hey everyone! Not much has been going on, obviously. Horses are all doing well, everyone is fat and happy, well Tuff could stand some more weight, but Daisy looks GREAT as you will see. The hooves need to be trimmed soon, so we are going to get that lined up, also need to do a worming, but thats about it!

I don't plan on doing much with Tuff until the baby is born, he has a good grasp on about everything I want him to know. Daisy of course is just Daisy, she doesn't need anything. The BIL might ride her a few times, dunno. She looks so
great, nowhere NEAR her 20 year old age. I don't think she has lost a bit of muscling at all. I wish I was riding! But I'm going to lay low with that until Fall. Ms. Chloe will be taking up MUCH of my time for a while. I may not get back in the saddle until next spring, who knows. We'll see!

So anyway, yesterday afternoon I went out and war painted Tuffs ears up and under his belly. The gnats are EVIL out there. Then the older BIL and I drove out to see Daisy and Rusty. I haven't seen her in months! She looks beautiful. I also war painted her up and checked her over and then had the BIL take some pics of us. She was obviously much more interested in eating grass as you will see, lol.

Oh! And lets not forget, Tuff is a three year old now! He turned on April 29th. Happy birthday Tuff Tuff!

So without further ado here are a ton of pictures I took.

Tuff Tuff coming to see us, hes so coot

Who me??

These next two pics are to show you his color now that he is mostly shed out. Do I have a flea bitten gray?? What do yall think?

The group!

And on to Daisy girl! I just love her face! Dont you guys love the mustang mane? Eeep, need to get some show sheen after that mess

Wondering what this crazy lady is doing

Lookit those dapples! So cute


Pretty girl

Rusty thinking there has to be something left!
Missie girl! I just wuv her. Yeah, she needs a hair cut, lol And lastly, the pasture. Doesn't it look great? Thats just part of it

Thats all folks! Until later!
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