Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picture Update

Hey everyone!

I guess picture updates are going to be all you get for awhile, sorry! Until this child is born thats about all I'm up to! (less then 8 weeks until her due date!) The farrier came out last Thursday finally and got them all trimmed up. Tuff was, hm, okay, fair maybe. ALMOST good. But he pulled back a few times on his fronts so that keeps him from getting an A report. B- more like, lol. He did great on his backs of course, he just has a hard time balancing that front end. Daisy of course was a jewel as usual. Stormy and the FIL's horse gave him a bit of trouble, but nothing serious, so all 6 of them did pretty good! (that guy made a CHUNK of change off of us! I swear, it took him 5 mins a horse probably with 30$ a pop! Man, I need to learn to trim...)

So last Friday I was getting so tired of the house and decided to take the doggies and Chloe (lol) for a walk. It was still early so not too hot/humid yet.

First we went out and visited with Tuff and his 'gang'. And every time I tried to get a picture of Mr. Tuff this is what I got:

"Where ya goin, where ya goin??" Finally I got him to quit following me and got a pretty picture. I think he was watching the puppies.

Skip also decided to give me a good one! I'm going to email this one to his 'mommy', she loves taking pictures too.
After we visited them a bit I called the dogs and we took off for the back pasture. Tuff decided to accompany us.
He started off pretty far back but I'm so slow these days that even his slow stride caught up with me by the end of the lane. So I had him breathing down my neck until I shooed him to the side, lol. I know they are used to following nose to tail with theyre horse buddies, but I didn't want him on MY heels! Lol.

Then he decided the grass was more interesting then I was ;)

The look on his face here is hilarious, lol. He's like, now why do you want to go over there??

So I continued my walk, going along the fence line. I didn't see Daisy and Rusty yet, but I figured they must be over by the pond in the woods where it is cooler.

Going into the woods...and lo and behold, there they were! In the little lane between the fence and pond. Just hanging out!

Such a great background for pictures! The last one I made black and white, it looks like a winter scene now. Far from! Although it WAS a lot cooler in there and the gnats and flies were GONE, whew. Although the horse flies were NOT. Poor Daisy had them just chewing on her legs.
Anyway, I went up and said hi and then started trying to get that huge knot out of Daisy's mane thats been there for who knows how long, lol.

This is after I've been working on it a bit with just my fingers, and it still has a looong way to go, lol. I did finally get it though! I've always been kind of good with knots, tangles, etc. No idea why. Its kind of strange.

Pretty girl! So we chilled in there for awhile as I did her mane, it was really nice. Rusty kept trying to sniff the dogs, who wanted nothing to do with him, lol. Then he would come and pester me until I finally elbowed him good. That would keep him away for a bit, until he decided to come and sniff me all over again, lol.

Then we ressumed our journey on down through the lane and out the other side. Here's a few pictures of the pond.

Good place to fish here! Which was exactly what I was planning on doing, going home and getting my tackle and pole and coming back out, but then I got home and was so hot and tired that I never made it back out, lol. Someday! I wish the husband enjoyed it more, but its just not his thing. He is a good bait and pole setter upper though! ;)

Looks like the horses have some well worn paths going on!

Can you find Missie??

So thats about it! I walked on back through the pasture and found Tuff back with his buddies. Guess he got lonely, lol. Then on back to the house!

Thanks for walking with us! Till later!
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