Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New (Old) Home For Tuff

Well my sweet boy has returned to where it all started! The pasture of his birth is now where he will live, hopefully, for the rest of his life. We sold him to our super nice neighbors that I mentioned in my last post who let us use the pasture for Daisy and her foal when he was born.

Baby girl was down for a nap when he came out to the in laws to get Tuff. Thankfully the BIL was able to go get him for me. Chloe woke up a little bit later and I loaded her into the stroller and headed out there. The in laws and neighbors were all standing in the front yard talking while Tuff blissfully ate up all the grass in sight, lol.

We all talked there for a while. His wife just loves him. I told him all the things he knows, and doesn't know. Mainly we all just 'talked horses' for a while. I love it! Very rarely do I get to do that. The hubby is indulgent and a good listener, but definitely does NOT 'talk horses' with me, lol. I also liked how the mans philosophy about horses ran very parallel to mine. Its not often that happens!

After that we headed on out to the pasture to see how Tuff would do with their other horse. He is a 12 or so year old Saddlebred.

There they go! After we got to the gate he went and put a halter on his horse and they talked over the fence for a bit. All seemed to go pretty well. Tuff was mainly interested in eating the grass, of course, lol. His horse is definitely the higher strung breed of horse and was VERY interested in him. He squealed a few times at Tuff but that was about it.

 Then the BIL took Tuff in and put him in the far pasture closest to the house. There is a fence separating the pasture in two. He's going to leave them like that a few days before putting them together. I think Tuff will be fine, but I'm a little worried the other horse (Bo is his name) will try and run him and basically be mean to him. Hopefully they will be good buddies though! Geldings generally make good pasture buddies.

There is Chloe chilling in her stroller like a good girl! She is chewing on the pasture gate keys, lol. Little girl is going on 14 months now! Can you believe it?? Still pretty much bald headed, yes, but we are growing a bit more fuzz then we were! LOL.

So after we watched them for awhile I headed on back to the house. Here is the last shot of them:

Bo is trotting along the fence to get back to Tuff who went to meet the BIL and neighbor. I hope they do well tonight! I'm sure Tuff will be fine, he's been in that pasture several times since he was born and the hot wire is very well marked.

So! I went out and visited Daisy the other day with little girl. It was, um, interesting to say the least. Scary actually would be a better word. I'm never going out there with Chloe again. Not unless it is only Daisy. The BIL's horse and Stormy scared the living DAYLIGHTS out of me. That gelding has gone plum crazy when it comes to 'his' mares. Dangerous, really.

Daisy was in the lane by the pond so I pushed Chloe on out there in her stroller and put her in a safe spot and got Daisy haltered and started brushing her down, checking her over, etc. I had already done the same thing earlier with Tuff and had a lot of fun. (Skip is totally harmless and Scarlet ignores us, lol).

Stormy has been on the side with the older horses for a few months now. Somehow she broke in there and we just left her since she did well. There needed to be one less horse on the babies side anyway. So as I'm brushing Daisy, the BILs horse and Stormy decide they want to come in the VERY NARROW lane with us. Well thank GOD the BIL was there and shooed them off with his hat.

That SHOULD have been the end of it. It wasn't. He kept on, and kept on, and kept on trying to get over there to Daisy. And then Stormy came over there as well and they are all trotting around in a very SMALL space with the gate, pond, and lane (with us in it) in a small triangle. I'm getting very nervous at this point. And then all of a sudden Stormy is trying to run over me, Daisy, AND MY BABY in her stroller! I could just see her making a flying leap over the stroller and kicking my child in the head. :heart stop:

So I am SCREAMING and yelling at Stormy to get out of there and NOT to run into/jump over us (BILs horse is on the other side of her STILL trying to get to us and pushing Stormy INTO us; much kicking and squealing is going on). So finally Stormy thankfully decides its a bad idea to run over the screaming crazy lady and gets out of there.

But he is not done. He goes to the other side of the pond and GETS IN. He starts walking into the pond!! I look at the BIL with a dazed expression and say "he is going to try and SWIM over here to get to Daisy" And sure enough he did! Before he got over there though I had taken the halter off Daisy and got OUT OF THERE with my child. We went out the gate and watched as he swam over to a log, tried to REAR OVER it, and then finally got over to the other side of the pond to where his 'mare' was and heaved himself out onto a huge bank. UNbelievable!!

I was just in shock. I've never seen a horse act like that! Ever since Stormy got into that pasture I've heard reports of those two acting strange. And sure enough, there was the proof. My gosh. I guess it doesn't help any that he was cut late and also bred a horse before getting cut. UGH! I swear, it was ridiculous!

You might be asking, what was Daisy doing through all this?? NOTHING. She stood stock still with a foot cocked and her head up with a look on her face like WHAT is going on?? Thank the Lord she is so mild natured. If I had had to deal with her as well who knows what would have happened.

Anyway, I've definitely learned my lesson and will NOT be going out there with Chloe any time soon. I don't know how I'm going to ride either if he is going to insist on being near Daisy at all times. Gosh, what a mess!! I basically begged the BIL to let me put his horse up for sale but he won't do it. Sigh. Hopefully he will see the light soon. Theres no reason for him to have to have a horse that is no use to him as opposed to a horse he can actually work with and ride. I for one would LOVE having someone to ride with AND get rid of a nuisance!

So on that happy note! LOL, I hope all is well with everyone else! And hopefully I will not take so long to post another entry! Till later!

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