Friday, October 14, 2011


So Chloe and I went out visiting today. We manage to see 6 horses today! ;)

First off we went to visit Daisy girl. I felt pretty safe this time since the main trouble maker (the BILs horse) isn't here right now. The BIL decided to ship him off to a cousin of his to get some training. He seems to be doing pretty well so far. We'll see!

Daisy and Stormy are the only ones in the pasture now. They were of course chilling in the shade on the far side of the pond.  I just got a AWESOME new camera for my birthday so you will def be getting some picture spam in this post!! Its my first dslr and I feel so inferior!

My little buddy :)

I sent the BIL down the lane to fetch Daisy, I didn't want to be in that lane with Chloe. He tried and tried to get her to come with him back down the lane to no avail. I was just giggling. He pulled and pulled on her head (no halter) and her mane. Then I suggested he try tapping her with his walking stick while he pulled on her mane. Nope! He was smacking her with it and she was like, huh? So funny. So then he gave up and came towards me to get the halter and of course THEN she decided she would come visit! 

I then decided to park Chloe outside of the gate because I saw Stormy headed down with us and I was taking no chances this time. Little girl had a bunch of leaves to play with so was good for a while, lol. I had brought a little stiff brush with me so I brushed Daisy girl down and got her shining as well as I could. She definitely could use a bath! Her head is so dusty as you will see in the pictures. After that I sprayed her down with some fly spray and let her loose. I then pulled out my camera and went crazy taking pictures. She was so cute! She just stood there looking at me and posing, lol.

Then I turned my attention to Stormy and got a few of her.

She is such a pretty color, what girl hasn't wished they had a dappled grey?!

After that we left the girls dozing, well Daisy at least, and headed out the gate down the road. At the end of the road is the pasture I jumped Daisy in a few years ago, and where Skip and the FILs horse is now. But they decided not to be sociable and I couldn't get any photos of them. On down the main road back to the neighbors pasture where Tuff now lives! It was too cute when I called his name that he answered me. You think he misses me? I couldn't get many pictures of him because his buddy wanted all the attention and kept running him off. I think he thought we had food and was not going to share!

And thats about it! All seem to be happy and healthy. I REALLY want to get out and ride Daisy but either the time or someone to watch Chloe is not available. And when the husband is home its either late or we are going going going! I guess I need to just set the time aside and DO IT!

Hope all is well with everyone else! Say a prayer for Andrea, she lost her beloved mare this week and its such a heartbreaking story...
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