Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Update for the New Year...

First off, Happy New Year everyone!!

Just thought I'd put up a short update. All are still alive and well! Tuff is doing so well with his new owners. He has rode him about three times so far in the round pen. I am so proud of him! I feel like I've succeeded in setting him on a good path in life by the work I did with him from birth up. Makes me feel good! His only issue is getting 'stuck'. His owner has even taking to wearing spurs, lol, definitely not something I would do on a baby, but, sigh, not my horse anymore! Anyway, he hasn't figured out what the 'go' button is yet, but it won't be long! What I love most is how calm and nonchalant he is about it all. Such a good boy! I get to see him every time I leave or come back from the house (the pasture is right on the road before my driveway) so thats nice.

Daisy is good too! Her and Stormy are pasture mates. I went out and saw her Monday, she got her feet trimmed up. I brushed her and got all the tangles out of her mane and tail while she munched on her hay. She seemed to really enjoy the attention. She's starting to get a little thinner then I want, and we haven't even had the hard temps yet. So I'll probably start her on her senior feed here soon. We have had such a mild winter so far! 50's and 60's in the day, rarely freezing at night. Love it! Last year it had snowed three times by now, ugh! (that white Christmas last year was pretty awesome though)

Anyway, not much else going on! I haven't rode in forever, not counting my last two jaunts on the BIL's horses. I feel guilty getting on Daisy since she is getting so old and has that leg issue. Maybe I'm just making excuses! I found her papers while I was digging through some stuff the other day, she will be 22 this June. I told the husband the other day when Chloe gets old enough to ride I'll probably pass Daisy to her and get me another horse to ride/play with. I can just see us going down a beautiful wooded trail with me on my horse and Chloe on Daisy while I pony her. Fun stuff!!

Well not much else to report, hope all is well with everyone else! Till later!

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