Monday, March 12, 2012

My Little Cowgirl

I know it has been FOREVER since I had a good post, especially one about the subject of this blog! Well I can deliver today!

Yesterday afternoon I actually had a Saturday free, and the weather was great. The husband and little girl and I all took off for the inlaws. I grabbed my bridle with the mullen mouth on it and also wanted to get my billy allen curb but it is seized up with rust so I left it. Side note: anyone know how to dissolve BAD rust on a bit? Its been in the weather a LOT and the roller in the middle is crusted so it won't turn.

Anyway! I got all the brushes and tack set out in the area I planned to tack her up in and we trekked out to the pasture. Because of course the girls were waayy out in the back. So we located them and easily haltered Daisy girl up. I love that she is so easy to catch. Stormy was with her but moved off as soon as we got close. Daisy kept eating, lol.

We had a somewhat Harrowing experience bringing her back with Stormy bouncing about and the geldings going crazy in the other pasture, but we managed to lock Stormy in the back pasture and had peace up the lane. The father in law and BIL were near the place I took Daisy working on a pickup but it didn't bother Daisy girl. Chloe helped me brush her down, it was too cute. She was even smart enough to want the shedder and not the soft brush, lol. Its definitely the start of the fun shedding season!

Then I handed Chloe off to the husband and finished tacking up. Daisy wasn't real happy about the saddle so I had Lee hold her. I she was thinking 'what is this foreign object!' lol. It has been a LONG time! I ride her bareback a bit but this is the first tack up in forever. So got her cinched and then walked her around a bit, cinched her again. Up I went! Had to get onto her a bit for walking off but we got that sorted and then strolled around the yard and pasture a bit. Even did some trotting. SO FUN! Daisy was such a good girl, its an awesome trait to have a horse you can turn out for a year and come drag them straight from the pasture and hop on and your good to go! She is feeling good too. I saw her just yesterday trotting and loping around her pasture at will. Thats so good! I think she has tons of years left in her!

She kind of surpised me a little bit when we rode over by her pasture. Her 'girlfriend' was out in the far pasture and apparently Daisy felt the need to make sure she hadn't been abducted by aliens, so she let out a deep neigh to her. (she has such a funny 'voice', so deep and masculine! lol) Which of course Stormy returned, and then Daisy returned, you get the picture. But we headed back towards the other area and she was just fine, even while calling she wasn't too concerned, love that mare! Doesn't she look pretty!! ~~>

After I had my fun I had the hubby bring Chlo Chlo over so she could have her first horsey ride!! She was initially a bit unsure (she's going to be a tad timid in nature I think) but after I got her up there and we got going she was having a ball. She kept saying 'yeehaw yeehaw', lol! And grinning, according to the onlookers. She fit really well up there right in front of me. Although I need to teach Daisy to neck rein ASAP if there are going to many more pony rides. It was NOT fun trying to steer her and also try to keep a hand on Chloe, although she did fit nicely in the little 'box' of my arms. The husband walked with us most of the time, you know, for 'just in case'. But I would have had a much better time of it if I could ride one handed. But neck reining is something that takes LOTS of rides and time, so who knows if it will ever get accomplished! Back when I was riding her half way consistently she was starting to get it. When we were going the direction she wanted, lol ;). Here are some pictures from that! (btw, all the pictures and such were taken from my husbands htc phone)


 Daisy getting fired up ;)

 This is my favorite

So after that we untacked her and put her up. Where she promptly trotted and then cantered her little self over to the fence near her friend, ;). So a great Saturday afternoon! I gotta say I am LOVING this mild winter, even though it kind of scares me at the same time, strange stuff! We are going to be so spoiled for next winter! Oh, almost forgot, here is a short video of me and little girl.

So not much else to say, none of the other horses have been out in a while. I have a feeling Rusty is going to have a relapse in behavior since he is not getting ridden regularly. Which I knew was going to happen. Shrug. And Stormy has a hoof issue the BIL said? Not sure what.

Anyway, till next time!
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