Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Update!

Yes, I'm still alive and well! Not much horsey things going on since the beginning of the year. I've pretty much retired Daisy girl. She is nearly 23 now and really would rather not have to do anything but eat!

Chloe and I went out and visited her this afternoon. She is looking good going into winter. I'll have to make sure I blanket her on the cold wet/snowy nights though, she isn't as hearty as she was. I wish she would grow more of a winter coat!

She of course didn't make it easy on me and be available up at the gate. No, I had to walk through 3 pastures to get her fuzzy butt! And of course I carried my 2 year old daughter through nearly all of them to and back because she was "huffing tired" lol! She is so funny.

I had a pocket full of corn so gave her some after I caught her, hopefully she will remember that!
So we finally made it to the house and got her brushed. I also got her nasty mane snarl all smooth and fixed, though it seemed like I pulled out half her mane in the process! Doesn't look like it though. I guess its like me when I take a shower I feel like I lose a half a head of hair down the drain sometimes!

I found Chloe a low bucket to stand on and she was a great helper. Then she found the cowboy magik and had to spray that all over Daisy (and my leg -_-). She even got Daisys nose which I'm sure she appreciated, lol.

I had so much fun sharing with her the parts of Daisy's body, what a hoof pick is for, don't walk behind a horse, etc. She loved feeding Daisy the rest of the little corn I had gotten. Daisy was so careful not to use her teeth too.
After that her papa came up and gave me a leg up and then lifted Chloe up. He gave us a little pony ride in the yard, fun fun! Chloe wasn't real sure about being so high, but with time I think she will be fine! Or maybe she just needs a pony! ;)

After Chloe decided she was done I tooled around on Daisy a bit longer. I was thrilled she still remembers her lateral flexing! She was such a good girl. I haven't rode her since March probaby.

And in other exciting news! The father in law has been on the hunt for a horse for a while. He's only found one worth looking at and didn't like him enough to buy. But! I found him a gelding about an hour from us we will probably check out tomorrow. I'm so excited, love horse shopping! He is a big scutter at 16.2, chestnut reg QH out of a great grandson of Obvious Conclusion. Does english, western, jumping (woot!) and trails. 11 years old. Pretty guy! I'm on my phone or I'd put his ad link up for you.

 I can't really put photos where I want them on my phone so the first two are obviously the horse for sale, Red Man. And Daisy and Chloe and I the next! (And a bonus cute one of Chloe in her 'stang from today , lol.

I will keep yall updated on the test ride!

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