Wednesday, August 31, 2016


But so sore!! And yes, I was expecting it, and I also feel like it's a good hurt. In my thighs and core. Which means I was riding properly! Yeah! (although my butt bones are also a tad tender! lol)

So hot and tired!

So I have no media!! I know, unheard of for me, right? Sadly I was the only one there and since breeches don't have pockets for phones, it got left in my car. Next time I might set my phone up somewhere since she said I could record if I liked.

I got a text from my instructor (we will call her L henceforth!) saying to go ahead and get Goldie out of her stall and put her in the cross ties and start grooming her and she would be there shortly. I kind of panicked a bit because I was still at work and trying to get kids gathered and into daddy's truck. But thankfully by the time L got there I had managed to get her out and in the cross ties and curried and brushed. She went over all the things she likes to do before tacking up, and while tacking up. And what bridle she likes to use on her. So I grabbed some green splint boots, my saddle and a pad and bridle and got her all tacked up (the ease of tacking up english as opposed to western never ceases to amaze me).

It was in the 90's out so we opted to stay in the lower half of the arena where the shade was, yeah! But I was still dripping with sweat soon after starting, lol. I hardly noticed though, I was concentrating too hard!

So my memory is pretty much shot after three kids but I'll try to remember best I can!

Main positive points I took from it were my shoulders looked great! (Yes! That was my main downfall in college) I have good arms. My stamina isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was. Heels and leg are generally good. 

Things I need to work on! (This list is much longer, lol) 

1. Shorter reins
2. Lengthen my core
3. Get off my pockets! Close my hip angle
4. Flatten back in two point
5. Figure out how to do a turn on forquarter and haunches without having to be reminded.
6. Look up, not at poles or ground
7. Work on canter seat (close hip angle, keep balance, sit light, give with hands)

That's not all I'm sure but I can't think of more at this moment.

My friend also had a private lesson the next day and we have been whining all week about how sore we are! Lol. L had a lot of good strength building excercises. My favorite was posting trot to a cone then sitting, then next cone was canter to posting trot then 2 point over poles and then do it all over again. It was in a circle. SO FUN. And a great work out! 

As I knew it would be my canter work was the worst. I just haven't had as much ride time at that gait. I completely lose my balance, brace with my outside leg. Stop following with my hands. She wants me to sit in almost a two point because I sit so deep and get behind. So major practice needed there! I felt like I was riding my best (according to her) when I was poking my chest and butt out. Lol! I've def been riding western a lot more these past few years. 

So! Now I'm pumped up. I want to get at least one practice ride in at home on Mr. Harold. And that means getting him back up to the front pasture so I can actually work with him! 

I have the brother in law looking for some hay and got some senior feed to start giving him twice a day.

Today while the littlest stinker takes her nap my middle child and I are going to go out and move him back up with Chatterbox and feed him. We bought him some treats too ;). Depending on how he acts I may work with him a bit. I'd love to ride but not sure how long my youngest will nap and the baby monitor only reaches so far! I have to periodically walk back towards the house to get it to pick up. 

I'll post back with how it goes!

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