Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Training Days

So I'm going to skim over last Tuesdays lesson real quick. I rode Goldie, and had to ride in a Wintec of L's because of a miscommunication. I was thinking we were doing just dressage and it turns out we were also jumping, lol. It was an okay saddle but not mine, you know? So I felt a little off in it.

Lean back!! I think this was the free walk of Intro B
I'm really getting annoyed with myself. I feel like instead of getting better here lately I am regressing. I think it all started when we began to do more dressage. I have gotten so used to sitting in a 'hunter perch' that I have a really hard time sitting vertical and not forward a bit. What is the deal! I'm also still having trouble sitting the canter. I can two point or forward seat it all day. But keep my behind in the saddle? HAHAHA. Grr. Any tips anyone?? I know all about the scoop, sitting back a bit, etc. It's gotten better but still needs work. I want to get solid on the lesson horses before I try to canter mister Harold. I havent loped him since I rode him western two years ago. I feel like on a green horse I might want a 'o crap' strap on my cantle, haha. His mane is pretty long but farther away then I'd like if I lose my balance! I'm also wondering if it will help me anchor my behind a bit too.

Gosh, I just got back to this post and so much has happened. I'm so behind!

Anyway its Monday now and I had another lesson at L's with Harold on Friday and once again he was absolutely wonderful.

Anyway last lesson on Goldie we first did dressage and then onto the jump arena. Goldie wasn't real into listening to my aids for collection again but we did an ok test.

I decided to take my spurs off for jumping and so glad I did. But it was kind of disappointing because L said I was just letting her pull me over the jump instead of knowing where to take off. I wasn't sure how to fix it and left the lesson a tad morose. Although I was proud for staying pretty solid when she jumped a crazy jump and went sideways in the air over it to look at it, haha.

This last week it rained so no lesson on Monday. Today should be good to go though!

So! Harold news. I didn't get to ride the week after his first lesson and just got one side rein work out in. But this last week I was able to ride twice! Hailey was nice enough to space her naps perfect for me to he able to ride after work.

He did great the first ride, the side rein work had helped a ton already, plus I wasn't just throwing my reins away at him anymore like I used to when he gave to the bit so he had somewhere to direct his new energy when I asked for contact.

Pretty pony in 'school'
So each ride I could hear L in my head saying, elbows by your side, close your hands! Shorter reins! Lol, and I tried to comply every time I thought of it. I also asked more of mister Harold and didn't 'baby' him as much.

So fuzzy!
So thats about all for now! Next post I'll talk about our Friday lesson! And I also had a jump lesson on Charlie last night. 

Till then!

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