Monday, February 6, 2017

Rockstar Harold

He was PERFECT. I mean, it kind of scares me for future lessons. How can we top this?? Lol, but seriously we have a lot of work to do and things to learn. BUT his overall behavior and been there done that attitude was EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

So the morning didn't start without a hitch though. I had the girls up earlier then udual and we were still pushing the envelope getting out of the house when I wanted because they weren't cooperating like I wanted. Still, I was able to get the horses fed and my oldest to school on time. I ended up pulling the trailer through the drop off line to save time, haha. I can't wait till it looks a little more like a horse trailer and not a pile of junk on wheels that's slightly embarrassing to drive.

So I rushed home, grabbed Harold's blanket, threw that on him and loaded him up! I had a slightly harrowing moment where I hooked him up to the trailer tie before all 4 legs were in (unknowingly!) and the dog started barking at him and I thought we were gonna have a wreck. But thankfully I was able to de escalate the situation and all was well. Whew!

He's a wild one

So we pulled up at L's finally after another issue with one of the trailer tires was dealt with by my dad at the shop were I dropped the kiddos with my mom. We were a tad late so L was kind enough to grab all my stuff out if the trailer and have it ready for me at the cross ties while I took mister out to check out the arena.

He was a saint. Never even thought about spooking. Just looked around and calmly strolled the perimeter with me. He was a tad curious about the sandy footing but no issues at all.

So then I lunged him briefly both directions at the walk and trot and called him good. L helped me tack up since I was running late and then out to the arena we went! He was a little wiggly at the mounting block but L held him for me and we were off to the arena. It's been a week now since this all happened (have NOT had time to sit down and write about it lately!!) so I'm a little fuzzy on the specifics. I do know that I found out I baby him WAY too much, and I let him be lazy way too much! She had us doing a good steady trot and asking him for a lot more then I usually do. We also worked up to a set of four ground poles to trot over which was SO fun!

Isn't he cute?! So I also was having a issue with too long reins and not keeping my elbows by my side. Also open hands. I don't do these things in lessons, so it's apparently something to do with Harold. I think it's because he carries his head so low!! She at one point told me that I looked like a QH rider about to go into a HUS class, lol, eep.

Anyway we did a lot of half the circle around her at posting trot (and over the poles) then we would do a sitting trot trying to get him to round a bit. By the end when I started riding right! we were getting pretty good! We also did quite a few turns on the forehand, which he had never done before. But thankfully I have worked with him a few times on moving his hind end over off my leg so he had a bit of a clue. And he did great! L said he was really stepping under himself well.

Here is a short vid of us doing the trot poles!

She said he did so good and loves his pretty head, lol. I was thrilled with him, really was. As if you couldn't tell! And it was windy and cold to boot! Not a problem for Mister man at all. L also told me my saddle was not too big for me. Yeah!

I did get hot and sweaty in my ski jacket finally! And, him so perty!!
L had to go so I leisurely untacked him and brushed him down. Filched some of the horse cookies for him from the feed room, lol. He stood there just as quiet as you please. Then loaded right up! This time putting all four feet in, thankfully!

I went over to get the girls from my mom and my 11 month old had just gone down for a nap. So we hung out with her for an hour or so and he just stood out there and munched on his hay. Such a good boy!

I guess that's about all! So proud of him! I've decided to do every other Friday at L's with him for right now. Once we get into spring I will probably try and bring him to lessons to ride. Although I won't be able to do jumping with him when they do, so not sure how that will go yet. It will also be interesting to see how he does in the ring with 3 or 4 other horses! Which reminds me, one of the things I was worried about was how he would do with other horses around he had never seen. He did great obviously! Acted like he didn't care at all. He would look at them and then be like, whatever.

Photobomb by Charlie! Haha
Well I do have another lesson update from last Monday, and a side rein session I did with Harold to blog about! L suggested that would be good So look for those soon! (hopefully!) Today is too wet to have lessons, boo. So unless she can find a time to reschedule me I will be back at L's on Friday with Harold! :)

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