Friday, March 23, 2012

Day Before The Horse Fair!

Tomorrow is the day! And I am sitting here so tired! I was out with Daisy for four hours riding, bathing and getting all our stuff together. TIRED. I also see I have a light sunburn on my lower arms, the one day I don't wear a tank top!!

I'm SO thankful the sun came out and it quit raining today! They were saying all week that today was going to be our best chance of rain. They don't know my God, I made a request and the day was awesome! I got everything done I was hoping to.

So after running to town to get my mom and dads avalanche (this will be my trailer puller) and pick up a few things I came home and parked by the round pen. The child had thankfully decided to take her nap so I left her in the car and fetched Daisy. A BIL had appeared thankfully and he kept an eye on Chlo to make sure she was till sleeping.

I was very happy to have one more chance to ride before tomorrow. We refined a few things, solidified a few things, and got as good as we are gonna get in this time frame! I really wish I had known about this last week. Anyway flexing was much better today as well as my trotting. It rained a bunch yesterday and all night so the round pen was a bit soggy which was making Daisy even slower then she usually is, lol. I had spurs on today hoping that would save my legs a bit. They annoyed her a few times and she kicked out at them so I smacked her and gave her another jab to keep going each time. By the time we were cantering she was done with her protests and I didn't have any trouble with her. I only did a few strides of cantering because of the sloppiness.

After our ride I took her over and gave her a good bath. Her white socks are white again! She was a good girl for that even though its been years since her last one, lol. With all the rain her hoof crack, divot, HOLE whatever it is flipped up on one edge so I had the FIL snip it for me.

After that the husband got home from work early so he went and got the trailer from the neighbors. Daisy and I went over and checked it out and I tied her up to the side while the DH cleaned out the stalls. Then it was time to do our test load! She wasn't too keen on the first two tries but the third time she hopped right up in there. I had left a pile of carrots in the manger so hopefully she remembers this in the morning, hehe. I am not above bribery! ;) So then we decided to take her for a little ride. I threw her some hay and we took off. She didn't seem to have any trouble and hopped off nice and slow after we got home.

I took her back up in the yard and we brushed her out again since she was now dry and then I tried my braid again. Success this time!! I think the key was braiding SIDEWAYS not straight and it stays up tighter to her neck long enough to get all the hairs in.

She was such a good girl just chilling resting a hoof! The FIL thought itd be funny to braid her tail so he stood back there and did that for awhile, lol. And Chloe also sat on her back most of the time, she loved it.

So thats about it! Almost time for our small group for church so I better scat, I'll be back next with our report on tomorrow! Wish us good riding and a good time!
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