Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun Saturday Ahead!

Whoo hoo, two posts in one month!

Some exciting news too! As you can see Daisy is THRILLED ;) ~~>

I got a text about 9 o'clock Sunday night from one of my old college riding buddies. We are still good friends and try to meet up every so often. Just wish we didn't live an hour from each other! Anyway she goes to a cowboy church about an hour from me, and they are putting on a horse fair this Saturday. Its sponsored by several riding clubs etc in our area. Here is the flyer for it: A Unique Equine Fair

So she asked me if I had any english stuff still. I replied yes, except for field boots, I gave them away to my instructor in exchange for riding lessons, lol.  I do have some dress boots that would work. (for those that don't know, dress boots are generally used for dressage, while field boots are for hunters, jumpers, general flat classes, etc)

I then asked her what was up? And she told me all about the horse fair they were putting on and that they wanted me to participate in the Breed Parade. They needed an english rider to show how Quarter Horses can be used in many disciplines. They didn't know any english riders so she called me! I was like SURE, that sounds like a lot of fun! I told her I could bring my fat mare if she needed me to and she said that was fine, if I couldnt she thought the preachers son would let me ride his paint roping horse, haha. Well I thought about it but I figured I'd rather ride a horse I know then one I don't although it will be a lot more work getting her there. But also more fun!

From what I understand we will follow a few other QH's into the arena when the Quarter Horse breed is called and they will say 'do your gait' and we can do whatever we want while they read a history of the breed. I'm going to just post the trot. What is more english then that?? I'm not sure how many other breeds will be also have their turn but I know there will be some gaited horses and probably some arabians and paints.

So that night I ran around the house gathering all my show clothes up and trying them on. I was fairly sure everything would fit about the same, I haven't changed shape in 10 years, lol. And it did, and I looked so sharp! The only thing is I have a hunter green hunt coat, and not the fashionable navy, brown, or tan etc like they wear at the breed shows. Oh, well! I feel fairly confident there will be no one there to know better!

I'm going to ride Daisy girl in my dr. cooks bitless bridle and the BEAUTIFUL saddle that Becca gave me. Daisy looks so good in them. I used to have a pretty puffy white show pad but its been lost in never never land somewhere so I'm just going to wash the one I have real good Friday night.

Anyway, I am SO excited. I haven't been able to trailer Daisy anywhere to ride in years! I'm also kind of nervous, I haven't rode much in the last few years at all, so we are so out of shape! I'd feel better if I were riding western, you can fudge not riding much a LOT better, lol, but we will deal! I'm thinking about tacking up western first to check out the arena etc, then changing before the parade. (and then changing BACK to western afterwards to hang out!)

And pertaining to the boot situation, which was sort of bothering me, I found some yesterday for around $70 online that were really nice and convinced the father to buy them for me! Hah! It pays to be daddies little girl! Here they are: Tuffrider Ladies Field Boots

Nice, right?? I've never had zip tall boots! Fancy! I know they are not leather, but I really don't WANT leather. Who wants to have to clean them and worry about messing up a $200 dollar pair of boots? Not I, besides the fact they will get worn maybe once a year, lol. The lady assured me they would get them to me by Friday, so we will see! I got them off horseloverz.com, anyone else had any experience with them? The lady on the phone was VERY nice and accommodating, so hopefully they will be just what I want. I had to get a 10 in them since I usually wear a 9 1/2 and they didnt have half sizes so I went up rather then down to make sure they weren't too small. I also got slim, which is nice that they had that option. I have a very narrow foot and CHICKEN legs. Sigh.

I went out right after work to ride yesterday afternoon. I got a video, but used my Nikon instead of my VIDEO CAMERA (-_-) and forgot it only takes 10 minute videos. So I got a bunch of us riding around walking and doing lateral flexion at the beginning of the ride but NONE of our trotting and cantering! I also forgot the tripod. I'm going to try to ride again this afternoon so I'll get the right equipment this time. I need to see how I look to see what main issues I have that need to be worked on! So little time.

But the ride went VERY well. She was a rock star! Stormy was screaming her head off every so often and it didn't phase her. She wanted to walk off while I was getting on again, boo, but we fixed that and she stood once I was on which was nice. It took her a bit to accustom herself to the bitless but after she got it (and I started using my hands like an ENGLISH rider and not a WESTERN rider) it got better. Our trot was great on Daisys end (after I got her to quit stalling on me at the rising trot) but my position was AWFUL, I lose my balance so easy. My thigh muscles suck. I got a little better though, and Daisy was such a good girl just trucking along in a good little working trot. I had the brother in law go fetch my whip and we even did a good bit of cantering! Left lead was great (after the first inital transition; I had to do some serious whipping lol) and she was so sweet and smooth. I have never rode her canter for more then a few strides until yesterday and it was SO fun. To the right we had a bit of an issue with lead, and she was also much 'bumpier' on her weak side, but nothing serious. I also about dumped myself off into the panels when I lost my stirrup but thankfully she stopped in time! Phew, it was a close one. I get so busy keeping her cantering that I lift my foot right out of the stirrup sometimes.

So thats about it! Gonna try and go out again today, its supposed to rain towards the end of the week and we need lots of practice!

Here are a few stills from the video...

Practicing our flexion
Falling asleep after practicing flexion, lol

 Some walking

I just edited the video and realized after I started to make it that it will have a huge watermark in the middle until you buy it. SO DECEIVING!! I guess one of these days I'm just going to have to buy a movie maker. Sigh.

Here it is anyway! Until later!

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